Memories Last Forever.

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This Is A Dream I Had, It's Between Me And My Friend Drew So Please Read And Enjoy :)

Submitted: May 15, 2011

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Submitted: May 15, 2011



Well I was at school, it was my senior year and I passed out. I woke up in the hospital, my mom had texted you saying that I was there, she sent you pictures just to prove it. You were the only person I wanted to talk to you so when my mom finally gave me my phone, I had ten text messages, five missed calls, and two voicemails all from you. I called you just to inform you that I was ok, we then texted for the rest of the day and night. The next morning, the doctor came in and told me that I had brain cancer, it had spreaded and I never knew anything about having cancer at all, I only had a few weeks to live unless I got treatment, I didn't want to go through all of that so I decided not to get treated. You came to the hospital that night and suprised me, I wouldn't tell you what was wrong. The next day I went home, you and me went walking down an abandoned road, where I told you what was wrong, you broke down and begged for me to get treatment, I said that it wasn't your choice, you said that you loved me, and that the just friends thing was a lie, you told me how you really felt, I cried and thought to myself, of course this had to happen. After a few hours of crying and talking we went back to my house and packed, I was going to stay with you until the day I died, you wanted to make our last few weeks together worth while. You drove back to your house where nobody was home, no one was going to be home for two weeks. You let me sleep with you, of course. The next day you took me to a clearing in woods, started raining lightly, we had our first kiss, you had one arm around me and your other hand on my cheek, I had one of my hands on your cheek with another hand on your shoulder. It was the perfect first kiss for both of us. You carved our initials in a tree, we took pictures every day, I was secretly making an adventure book, you didn't notice. I was getting weaker every day. We went four wheeler riding one day to wrestling in mud the next, you took it easy on me and let me win. Two weeks later, I was talking about prom, you said screw prom, let's get married, you then got down on one knee and pulled out a diamond engagement ring and asked me to marry you, I cried happily and said yes. We got married a few days later, we had our dream wedding. All in black, purple, and a little white. I had a purple and white dress, I thought I looked beautiful to be a cancer victim. My dad walked me down the aisle, I never took my eyes off you, you couldn't take your eyes off me. When my dad gave me away to you, you whispered to me saying I was beautiful as always, I smiled and whispered back that you were as handsome as usual, you were wearing a black and purple tux. Your vows were so sweet and beautiful and suprising. Mine were just beautiful and sweet, you wasn't suprised at the things I said but I made you cry happily. When we got to the cake part, you rubbed your piece of cake all in my face and ran off into the woods, I chased after you kind of slow since I was getting weaker but when I finally got there, you kissed me and I took some of the cake off my face and rubbed it on you, we just sat there and laughed about it. On our little honeymoon we had, you took me to a field full of roses and tall grass, we layed in the middle of the field for hours, staring at the stars and talking about my my dreams and more on how we felt about each other. We spent the night there, in the field, I fell asleep to the sound of your heart beart, my favorite sound ever. The next morning you carried me back to your house, while you was in the shower, I added more pictures to my adventure book and I wrote a little letter to you and placed it in one of the pages. We went out in the warm summer rain and took the most important picture that we needed to take in order to finish the book, you still didn't know about it, a week later I was so weak that I couldn't walk, I wouldn't even eat. We both knew I was going to die that night or the next morning so I took a  shower and dressed up in black skinny jeans, purple plaided shirt, and converse. You put the necklace you made me on me. We promised not to cry, and just to be happy. Before we left, I placed the last picture in the book and layed it on your bed so you could find it. You carried me to the clearing where we had our best and most special memories. We layed in the soft grass, you held me in your arms, my head on your chest so I could listen to your heart beat more before I died. We layed there for hours looking at each other and we frequently looked through the trees at the night sky, you held my hand for two reasons, one was so you would know when I died, I would let go of my grip then and the second reason was just to hold it. We talked about our feelings for the last time and talked more about my dreams, you always loved it when I told you about them, I never left a single detail out. The sun started rising, I said that I loved you, you said it back, we kissed for the last time then I layed my head on your chest and shedded one last tear then I closed my eyes and died in your arms, you cried when I let my grip go because then you knew. You made sure to make my dreams come true, we did everything we always talked about doing, the only thing that didn't happen was having our daughter, we didn't have enough time, my time was done. The funeral happend two days later, you layed roses on my grave, there was those three same picture engraved in the stone, My last name was yours though, which I always wanted. When you came back home from the funeral you found my adventure book, you cried looking at all of the memories we made in just fours weeks. You missed me like hell, of course but you had to move on, you just didn't move on completly, you kept the book and looked at it every single day. One night you fell asleep with the book in your hand, then I was there laying beside you, head on your chest listening to your heart beat like I always did, then I said "I love you." you said "I love you too my little angel." back in your sleep then that's when I woke up crying.

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Memories Last Forever.

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