Will Some1 Hear Our Voice?

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Teens In Israel Are Bound And Need Someone To Help Them Specially Girls.

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012




Teens in Israel are bound they need someone to understand them and find them a solution to their problem, their problem is also my problem too because I’m a teen too boys have no problem but girls do.

Let me tell you the problem first and then let’s try to find it a solution after I thought a lot I didn’t find one so hope you guys could help and find one.

The problem is that girls in Israel can NOT have a boyfriend or people will call her “slut” and girls can NOT have love with their boyfriends or any other boys because people will call her bitch” girls can NOT go out with their boyfriends or any other boy because their parents would think she is going to do something with him and he is a boy so he will rape her, she has got no solution to this problem and she can NOT drink alcohol because people will call her “whore”, she can NOT stay out for too late after 9pm because her parents start by calling her and yell at her and if people saw a girl out with a boy late at night they will call her “slut, bitch, whore”.

For God’s sake is it a life? In my opinion it is not a life girls can live and handle it because most of the girls here in my country, Israel, do things behind their parent’s back and I admit I do so, even if we talk with our parents about this problem, they say: “we want you to be safe and happy”. Just for God’s sake leave us live as we want we will be happy! Most of the girls here, who I am talking on their behalf and me too, are only thinking of suicide because we cannot hold this life anymore. Being bounded the rest of their lives.

Hope someone can help us to solve this problem and hope some parents of Israel would read this essay which I call an article.

P.S: in my article I mean the Arabian girls in Israel not the Jewish ones, and I am Arabian…

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Megan Silver



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