Leaving Cert ( The Night Before )

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The night before the Leaving Cert...

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011




On the eve of my Leaving Cert I sat on my neatly fixed bed. Dooms day was soon to be. At first there was no pressure or maybe I was just thinking back around September. Everything was calm and collective. We were only talking about it as if it was a lifetime away. That life has passed peacefully of doing nothing, nothing except moving my eyes to amusing pictures on my television. My thoughts again were being swept away. My mother rarely thumped the ceiling to check if I was still with it, still studying. The truth is, my black coveted bag lay there in front of me. The zip like a thousand snakes wanting me for their early evening meal. Or maybe it was just my imagination stopping me from studying.

The sun shone from outside my blinds, visibly taunting me that I can enjoy the fine summers day. I tried to open my bag, this time coming to as close as touching the fainted Nike tick. The pressure was boiling up as my face became red, sweating like an open fire. Kids played outside my window. It brought me back to the good times, when I was ten and the only care was jumping in the mud and enjoying myself. Though it seemed like a life time away, I would do anything to do it one more time. Times like those can’t be replaced. My life now is of study, numbers and calculators to be exact

‘Curse it, curse it, curse it!’ said multiple times in my head

I opened my window to breathe some life into the dungeon. It seemed that the window hadn’t been open in a good while. I coughed the dust that I sucked in from it. I leaned over, putting half my body out. I smiled as the children played. Again I was reminded of how I use to play, cheat, gain an advantage at any cost. I never use to study the opposing player, maybe that’s was why I always lost. I laughed and brushed away that nonsense. I was never good at anything, school, sports or even finding a good girl to take home at Christmas time.

 I finally returned to reality or entered another world like my own. This time managing to chain down the snakes. I grabbed my English copy, scrambling it within my hands. English was the only subject I liked, maybe History.  The rest could burn in hell. I may have to stop cursing it.

‘’What goes around, comes around’’ was the saying pinned on me by my friends.

 The thing that always got to me was, while I speak of it now, I could be gaining information. Maybe it was too late, maybe it was me. I was hopeless, humiliated to be. What would become of me? A life of no job? No income?  When I opened my copy for notes, it just stared at me, laughing at my failure. I didn’t mind the subject, just the fact that I was lazy. I tried my hand at playing soccer. Yea, I went to two trainings and they never heard or seen of me again.

 As the night begun and the day were getting old, I read five pages of notes, based on ‘How Many Miles to Babylon’. We had been reading it for school, good book. Major Glendinning, even though he was harsh was my favourite character. There I am, wandering off, or maybe I was learning from talking about him. The only thing I need now is a harmonica and some prison clothes. I could practice for later life. The sunset began to fade, and my hopes of a reasonable grade

‘Just my luck’ I screamed

The window was open and singing with the summer breeze. I stuck my face out and closed my eyes in a struggle to feel the breeze. It didn’t want me.

I climbed out the window to the joy of myself. I jump from the window to the field next to my house. I found myself walking with my hands stuck within my pocket, fiddling for what was in there. Kids ran pass me, screaming and playing. Maybe when I fail I should blame them, or will it just build on my overweight conscience. I walked down the path way next to the canal, noticing a girl. She was the same age as me. She had books on her lap. Accounting was the attention of her subject. I wished I was her attention. She had such beautiful eyes. I wanted to introduce myself, but what would I say?

‘I’m too lazy to study?’

I sat behind her on a large rock, staring out to the canal. It was leading out to the sea, where the sunset was fading. The seconds were ticking away. As to this time tomorrow evening I will know if my head will be high or low.

The breeze was as fresh as the water. I ran over to the girl, introducing myself. She started asking me about questions regarding Accounting.

‘Cash Budgets?’

‘Tabular Statements?’

That split second I had panic attacks in my mind. To think about it, that’s only now. What happens when I meet my match? ‘’The paper’’. I jumped to my feet and hurried home. I hovered back in the window. I ripped open the bag, not recognising the snakes.

‘What have I done, nothing?’

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