Between the Barriers of Creation and Destruction

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There is no real way of simply giving a summary without giving away my own interpretation of this piece. When it comes to things such as this, I leave it up to the reader to decide for themselves what this is about.

Submitted: July 30, 2014

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Submitted: July 30, 2014



When the light of day fades into nothing, giving time for the darkness to show glow of the unknown lights from above. When the King of the Sun steps down from his throne so that the one from the shadows may step up. That is the sign that night is approaching.

Without darkness there is no light, and without evil there is no such thing as good. There can be no life without the shadow of death. So why do most fear the darkness of the night?

A King sat upon his throne which sat floating between the Earth and the Sun. Upon sitting on his throne he raised his right hand and said “with this hand I give birth to creation” he then raised his left hand and said “and with this hand I give way to the destruction of all creation that has come near the end of its time.”

The idea that love, compassion and sanity is the only key to the survival of a large universe like this is completely absurd. For if that was the case, war would not exist. Murder and death, would not exist. There is no such thing as right or wrong, only darkness and light. The only monsters that exist, are the ones that we create. The only Gods and Devils that exist, are the ones that we see ourselves to be.

We constantly strive for world peace and love because it’s the ideal world of light that we all want, even though we are all deeply aware that is completely impossible to achieve, for we were born with the compassion of the Sun, but also with the cold darkness of the Moon.

We destroy in order to create. It is what keeps us thriving whether some would like to accept it or not. And once a person has come to accept it they will see that we are all given two very strong powers, and what we do with those powers it completely up to that being’s heart to decide.

The King stood from his throne and flew down from the starry Heavens to a crowd of powerless, idiotic human beings, and he looked up on the crowd of small animals that now stood in front of him, and he said to them “I give you the gift of creation and love, it is your’s to own now. I also now hand you the gift of violence and destruction, what you do with it is also your own decision.”

A man stood in his dark room in the dead of night, staring at his reflection in a mirror, though the longer he began to stare into the face of his own, the more he could begin to barely recognize himself, for all he could see was an outline of shadows, a stranger, something dark….a monster? The man became terrified and switched on a light, he looked back into the mirror and saw the same man he always recognized.

A woman loses her child to a terrible sickness. As she slowly comes to terms with her child’s demise she also slowly and subconsciously begins to hate herself. She begins to violate her own body and slice the skin on her wrists and arms with a blade. She looks into the reflection of the blade and sees a horrible and unstable figure staring back at her with pain and rage in its eyes. The woman throws down the blade and immediately plunges head first from the balcony of her own home, she dies.

A child who was molested and raped by his own Father from the year he was born, now grows into a man who inflicts the acts of his Father on the souls of other young children. He looks into their eyes and sees a past reflection of himself, the child representing his past youth, and himself representing his own Father.

If love is what creates us, than hate is what defines us.

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