The Invisible World (remastered)

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A man begins experiences strange dreams in which he encounters abnormal beings in a dark world, only to begin seeing the same beings in his waking life as well.

Submitted: February 08, 2015

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Submitted: February 08, 2015





I never once in my life believed or even considered the possibility of another world or dimension beyond the one in which we live in. I never gave it much thought, for what reason was there for me to even think about it? But let me tell you, there is something out there. I’ve seen it myself. Beyond us is a world of pure darkness, full of such abnormal beings, it took me a while until I finally understood what was going on. I am a witness of the world beyond ours, I have seen the invisible world, and I will tell you all that I know.


It started 6 months back in the dead of night when I had a strange and disturbing nightmare. In the nightmare I was in my own housearrow-10x10.png\", I was aware  of the fact that I was in a dream, but I didn’t know how to wake up. The strangest thing about the dream, was the fact that everything seemed to be darker than it usually would be. It was pure black like a night sky with no moon or stars. The only light anywhere in the house was the glowing red which peered through every windowarrow-10x10.png\" of the house. It gave just enough light that I could slowly make my way out of my room and into the living room, but as soon as I stepped into the living room, I stopped. I looked down the hall towards the bathroom and I saw a tall shadow of what I thought was a man. The shadow had to be at least 7 ft tall and seemed to be wearing a top hat. I stood there and stared at the shadow and it stared back at me as if it was surprised to see me. I closed my eyes trying to wake myself up but nothing happened. I then opened my eyes only to see that the shadow man wearing the hat was gone.

I suddenly heard a growl behind me, it was long and deep and menacing, I quickly turned around only to find myself face to face with a large hunched shadow figure. Nothing of its body could be seen but darkness. Its face though, was clearly illuminated from the red light which beamed through the window by my side. The figure had the face of a black dog! It had long sharp teeth and glowing red eyes and it cocked its head to the side as if examining me like it wasn’t expecting to see me. It let out a roar which made me fall to the ground and suddenly I could hear a loud oozing sound as everything around me seemed to turn into a thick black goo which slowly melted down. I closed my eyes and let out a scream, only to find myself thrashing around and screaming for mercy in my own bed.

The following day I could do nothing but think of the strange dream I had, who were those beings I encountered? and why did it feel like they were surprised to see me? I tried to avoid thinking too much about it and got on with my day. Although while I was walking down the street I caught a glimpse of a tall shadow figure with a top hat...the exact same figure I encountered in my dream. He was standing about 10 ft away from me, and as he stood there I could clearly see people passing right through him as if he wasn’t even there, and as I watched him I heard a growl from directly behind me. I quickly spun around only to see nothing, I turned around and the man in the hat was also gone.

A few weeks went by without any other incidents, I had almost completely forgotten the awful dream and experience which haunted me the rest of that week, but then I had another dream. Like the last dream, everything was awfully dark, except this time I found myself in the attic of my home. I went to the door and tried opening it but it wouldn’t budge, I then noticed a large dark orb that gently floated right across my face. It seemed to have a dozen small tentacles that protruded from its core and danced around in the darkness. I jumped backwards and turned around to see at least 8 other of these mysterious orbs all gliding around the darkness. And then from the darkness I could see two glowing red eyes. They just stared at me for what had to have been at least 5 minutes before out from the shadows, came a large and bony shadow figure with glowing red eyes. It approached me and bent down so that it was face to face with me. It whispered into my ear with a cold, dead voice which said “this is our world. You do not belong here”. Suddenly the attic door flung open and I could see all the orbs stop dead in the air, it was like they were watching me as I was risen into the air and flung out the attic door, hitting the floor and immediately waking up to the bright morning world, except I didn’t wake up in my bed. I was on the floor, and in front of me I saw the ladder leading into the attic, I just stayed frozen on the ground peering up into the darkness of the attic, when I suddenly saw the two glowing red eyes appear in the darkness and glare at me. I stood up and screamed, running out of the house and slamming the door shut.

Nothing but awful visions plagued me after that. Day after day In my waking life I’d see abnormal shadow figures and orbs. While taking a walk to the park one day I saw dozens of those mysterious orbs buzzing around and passing through people and objects as if they never even noticed they were there. Another time I was driving to work and saw a strangely large dark shape go running straight across the road and disappear into the air.

I wasn’t sure how to react to any of this, I was scared at first but after a while it was curiosity that replaced my fear. I decided one night that I wanted to find out what was going on. I got into bed and focused my mind on the other world and all the beings I was seeing. I stayed put and kept my brain focused on it until I finally drifted off into sleep, and I found myself in the other world again. I was in a city. or at least what seemed like a city. Large ancient buildings of black stone rose high into the glowing red sky. I looked around me and saw hundreds of dark figured roaming the streets. I looked around in pure horror, this was no dream. There was no way any of this could be a dream. I suddenly noticed the dark figures beginning to crowd around me. They all surrounded me and jumped around, examining me and reaching out to try and touch me. Large crowded whispers flooded the air, though what any of them were saying, I could not understand. Suddenly in the crowd I could see two glowing red eyes, just like before. They seemed to be staring into my soul, it was an angry stare, for I could feel the hatred of it burning into my heart. I closed my eyes for a moment and opened them to find myself in my own living room. I felt a strange force pulling me into my bedroom, so I slowly made my way into the bedroom, constantly checking around me for any strange beings. Everything was dark and silent and not a single noise could be heard from any part of the house.

I finally entered my bedroom, and saw someone in my bed, I approached the side of the bed and looked down to see it was me! It was me who was deep asleep in the bed! I stepped back against the wall and looked up to see the man in the hat standing on the other side of the bed, he seemed to be looking down at my physical body and observing it. He then raised his head and looked up at me. He stared at me for a minute before stepping back into the shadows and disappearing into darkness. I walked back up to approach my body and looked back down at it. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

I stayed put, observing my own body when I felt a strong presence behind me. I turned around to find myself face to face with the dark red eyes. I stared into its eyes, just barely noticing the large dark hands reaching out and grabbing me by the shoulders. The red eyes grew large and a loud and deep scream broke the dark silence as the hands threw me onto the bed causing me to wake up back into the safety of the day.

I have never visited the strange world again in my sleep, and I have no desires to do so. I have seen strange entities here and there in my waking life once in a while since then. They do not scare me though. For they can do no harm. I will not let my curiosity get me into more darkness, and neither should you. Do not go looking for this world, for we have no business in it. It is something beyond us and it should never be messed with. The invisible world is a place of dark beings which you should never wish to encounter. We do not belong in their world, and they do not belong in ours.


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