The Thing In the Cave

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When interviewing a man on his mysterious actions regarding the murder of 100 young children, this woman gets more than she asked for when uncovering the dark secrets behind the true purpose of the crimes.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



“So tell me again” she said as she sat back down with a cup of coffee in her hands, “why did you do it?” she looked up at him as she took a sip of coffee, she couldn’t help but contemplate on the abnormal darkness that hid behind his black cold eyes. “I could tell you one million times over the purpose of my actions, and you’d still never truly understand it all.” “I don’t care" she responded coldly, “now please repeat the story”.

Michelle was such a sweet, talented, bright, young child. She had so many great opportunities ahead of her in life, same with the others too, all one hundred of those little kids were amazing. But Michelle was different, she had something in her blood that the others didn’t. The blood of the others was important too, without a doubt, but Michelle’s blood was the real prize needed to accomplish a very...unusual goal.

“Can I stop you for just just a sec” she said before he could continue on, “while searching through that cave where the children’s corpses were kept, a book titles as the “NECRONOMICON” was discovered hidden under a rock. Does this book have any relation to this “unusual goal” you speak of?” “That is something for you to decide on your own” he responded with an almost hateful tone. “Alright then, continue on”.

That cave isn’t random, it was chosen carefully for those bodies. One, because it was a great place to hide the corpses of course, second because the location of it was very specific to the task being performed there. Those children were not murdered for no reason, they were sacrificed and their innocent blood and souls were absorbed by the soil! “Dead” wouldn’t be the best word to describe those children, but that’s not anyone’s concern.

She studied him for a while, thinking over the things she had just heard by this child murdering maniac. But was he really a maniac? Or was there something more to this unlike what she originally believed? She was curious, “I’ve gotten special permission to bring you out for a little visit to that cave. I’d ask you for your opinion on this, but you don’t really have much of a choice.” His eyes widened for a moment, but then sank back down to an emotionless stare, she could have sworn she saw a spark of dark glint in his eyes. “Okay” he replied almost mockingly, “lets head over then, shall we”.

The drive was long, the silence made it longer, the whole ride she couldn’t help but feel an ominous presence that seemed to be filling the air in the car, she was tempted to glance back at him but felt far too terrified to do so. Focusing on the lonely road into the maze of trees didn’t help much either, the darkness around them seemed to make the trees look almost alive, as if they were watching and laughing as they drove deeper and deeper  towards a cave of unavoidable doom. She  began to feel eyes on her, not in the car, but from the the trees surrounding them, she could have sworn they were being watched. It was the man’s story that sent her imagination wild though, she didn’t know what was about to happen, what exactly was she getting herself into? For a moment she thought of turning back, “this is a stupid idea” she thought to herself, “you don’t even know what you’re going to find here!”.

After what seemed like forever, they finally arrived at the cave, they both stepped out onto the dirt, a growing wind had begun to stir the leaves of the surrounding trees and sent chills down her spine, it was as if the forest was alive and responding to their presence. She pulled out a flashlight and they both walked into the mouth of the monster. It was long and dark and all she could think of was the rotting corpses of all those young children as they just laid here in a dark hidden cave filthy and mutilated. She stopped in her tracks when she suddenly heard a faint whisper from somewhere in the cave, “wait a minute” she said as she turned around to look at the man, but he wasn’t there. “What the he-” she fell to the ground from a sudden sharp pain that surged through her head. She looked up, now somewhat adjusted to the darkness, and saw the man standing over her with a rock in his hand. She looked around her but everything became blurry to her but she could hear the whispering more clearer now, it sounded like the whispers of children, not just one but many! She listened to their whispers, they all swirled around her whispering the same things over and over again, “the voices!” they hissed to her! “The voices told him! The voices told him to do it! The voices! The voices! The voices!” Confused and horrified, she looked around her, she could see the man but his back was to her and he was facing the mouth of the cave, he seemed to be talking to someone...or someTHING for that matter. She tried to call out but nothing came out of her mouth, she heard something else now, but what was it? She started looking around and could make out small shapes emerging from the walls of the black cave, the closer they came the easier it became to see them. CHILDREN! MY GOD, THEY WERE CHILDREN! ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE! The closer they came to her, the worse that wretched odour of death became! They were moldy and rotten and you could see right through their bodies! Top to bottom they were covered in nothing but dirt, blood, worms and a mysterious black liquid that seemed to have been spilled over them!

She finally managed to pull herself up but still couldn’t walk too well. She turned around and found herself face to face with one of the living corpses, it let out a scream that almost made her fall back down to her knees. It stared at her with wide eyes and opened its mouth up wide, “what the hell is this?” she asked herself. The kid reached inside of its mouth and slowly pulled out a large ghastly tentacled creature of some sort, “it wants to be born!’ the child repeated over and over again, the tentacled monster dropped to the ground and just sat their screeching horribly up at her with the eyes of a devil! She turned around and felt her knees give up on her, she fell to the dirt and tried to crawl back to the entrance of the cave, that’s all that mattered anymore. She saw the man turn and walk over to her, her walked up to her and bent down and looked her in the eyes. His skin was pale and his eyes looked dark like the mouth of satan. He almost seemed to look nothing like a human, and when he spoke to her, oh god his voice! It sounded like that of a demon straight from the dungeon behind the gates of the underworld! “There’s a lot going on here that you don’t know about” he said looking down at her with a fiendish grin, “I wish I had time to explain but, he can’t wait much longer. Not you nor any of your goddamn kind will ever stop me from doing this!” He grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and lifted her to her feet, and for a brief moment she looked up to the entrance and saw a tall shadowed being, no face...just pure blackness, It stood there with no eyes and no mouth but she could have sworn it was watching her and it was enjoying every last bit of it. “Do me a favor, and save me a spot in hell” those were his last words before he plunged a dagger straight into her throat leaving her absolutely speechless. He pulled the knife from her throat and dropped her to the ground and left her to bleed to death.

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