Winter's Chill

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A voyage into the chilly snow caped mountains where Lukato the friendly Winter spirit resides.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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Submitted: November 03, 2013



Winter’s Chill

By Ethan Peters 

The trees rise up high, and mighty in the sky. They watch down from the chilly heavens, with warm yet chilly eyes. The snowflakes they fall, like the icy tears of God’s eyes. They float gently down and kiss my cheek with a cold and gentle sting.


I look far off into the distant hills and can only see the light white gleam of the snow as it smiles at me as if to say hello. As I walk along the forest I notice a deer peeking from behind a tree with a glimmer in it’s eyes. I smile and wave at it and it seems to smile back as it calmly walks away to say goodbye. My bare feet sting with every step I take into the cold winter snow, but I don’t mind it, I enjoy winter’s chill.

As I step further and further into the mystical winterland, I encounter a castle made of ice, and at the gates of the castle stood a man dressed in

blue. His skin was pale and his hair long and white, just like the ice. He was crouched down and feeding a jack rabbit treats from his hand, when he looked up and smiled and stared into me with his eyes.


Lukato the spirit of the winter, who lives in an ice castle. His beautiful chilling eyes will fill you with the pure joy of life and the sensation of winter weather. I have seen Lukato, and I have felt his touch. I will forever have the memory of that winter’s chilled touch.


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