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In a Utopian future society and order reign. People are provided for and comfortable,but are they free?

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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Submitted: July 15, 2014




‘’Nobody owns anything but everyone is rich- for what greater wealth can there be than cheerfulness, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety?’’-Thomas Moore



The state motto.Society and order for our utopia. Having a purpose, an achievable destiny is not aluxury, nothing needs to be a luxury. We are taught never beyond what would be achievable, we do not suffer. We live in unity able to contribute in society within our abilities. There is no need to live uncomfortably when you are provided with all comforts. We are a generation where trees do not stand like bones and rain does not sizzle and dance upon the skin of its victims. We are post war. We are Society and order.

In the slats between floor boards only strands of light penetrated. It left parallel lines of radiance which I squatted between. I held it to my nose, its earthy archaic spine, its seductive promises of chaos and feeling.

I pad my thumb against the cool surface of the lock. Access. Black counters covered with shiny veils of white clinical film. A child wriggled as a cool needle drew blood. A3.215. Further along the assembly line came calls of B6.112, D5.952. Oh how beneficial to society! Order.I logged in. Only one outstanding threat to society to eliminate.

My thumb stroked at the words as they glided through my thoughts. Oh to be free! To be a separable entity! To choose to be A Lear, A Mercutio.My stomach squirmed at the mere thought of it. I lay so my head was sliced in half by a thread of sunlight and imagined a knot of wood to be a distant moon and the dust that swam in the sunlight to be stars.

I clicked the belt of my uniform into place retrieving the address for confirmation. Crime caught before it disturbed society, oh how wonderful progress was! I had reached the destination, I glared in the sun before dipping into the room.

I was blind to the commotion above me except what I could infer from chunks of light that were being obliterated. My breathing was irregular, panicked. A new experience. In contrast the other’s breathing sounded methodical. Methodical and ever closer I realised as I stifled a giggle of anticipation.

I deliberated my next move thinking back to a story I was told as an infant of a village who cut themselves off from every other village in order to stop the spread of a plague, I don’t think the village exists any more but the principle remains. For the greater good of humanity, society, sacrifices must sometimes be made. To stop the spread of a disease. Even more so if this is a disease of thought ,for thoughts cannot be cured any other way.

A utopia? No. A simulacrum of a utopia. How is one able to understand joy and comfort when they have no equilibrium to appreciate such emotion? I listened intently to the my quickening heart indulging myself in the rarity of this occasion, anticipating the moment when I would be revealed. I inhaled the sweetness of the pages and contemplated the price of allowing myself to cosset such wisdom. In this world where everything was available how could anything be given meaning? It was the unavailable that I had been drawn towards. It was the utopia that had driven me to this extreme of educating myself. Against the law and against society I had done it. Why was I glad? The door gave a satisfying shiver within its frame beforeit swung open and there he stood. It was what I’d expected, the uniformity of them dictated my expectations.

He did not attempt to fight. He held his hands horizontal. His eyes gleamed.  How selfish his ways were, it was as if he didn’t believe in society, in order!

“Do you understand yourself to be in breach of the censorship act of the year 0 which declares that all properties which are catalysts for the disruption of society are not permitted? You are also in breach of Act 12 of the new constitution by goingagainst the state’s orders of access only to what is intellectually capable for any given individual ?’’ I commanded. “Acts, I add, introduced to maintain your comfort and security as well as order in society’’.  And then for the benefit of society I pulled the trigger.

The shot struck my chest before I felt it. I looked up through the gleams of light to the world which I had inhabited, allowing radiant streamers to cascade upon my face.The price to pay for freedom, the irony of this ‘society’. I inhaled a breath and, as a word of comfort to a dying man, whispered to myself ‘A wise man knows himself to be a fool- I am glad to have been a fool.’








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