Deeper Underground

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Something I wrote to keep the spirit alive.

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



Ivy intertwined itself on the walls of a house slowly etching its way to the darkening sky. A mocking bird could be heard off in the distance of the pine forest as a tabby cat perched itself on a stone hedge that surrounded the house. The cat’s liquid black eyes scanned the premises of the house grounds for any signs of danger.

Satisfied in seeing no immediate threat, the cat leapt from the hedge and landed with a light thump on the browning grass. Winter was near and the night wind had a bitter chill to it. But the event that was to come held a bitter chill to it than the crisp wind. The cat could feel the atmosphere change, as the wind shifted through her fur.

Seeing a rustle in the bushes nearby, the cat crouched down. Shortly after, a small figure appeared from out of the bushes and the cat recognized the figure to be but a mouse. She took no heed of it, as there was going to be enough blood shed tonight and hopefully this would be the last she would have to shed.

She was getting too old to carry on and needed rest, which she hoped she’d be able to receive when she returned home and to her students. The cat walked up to the front door and gingerly sat on the small porch; and waited.

Soon a roar wafted through the forest meeting her ears. The cat looked up into the sky and saw a light that grew as it came closer to the house. The light formed into a black motorcycle and sitting upon it was an overly sized man with a shaggy brown beard. As it touched ground, the man revered his motorcycle so that it stopped by the hedge and stepped off of it allowing it to rest on the hedge.

The man walked up to the gate and with ease opened up the gate. He walked straight up to the front door where the cat was sitting, who made no attempt to run. “Good evenin’, McGonagall,” the man addressed the cat in a heavy accent, who by now had turned into a human being.

“Good after Hagrid,” the cat named McGonagall replied. “I trust that you brought the locket?” She asked the burly man.

“’Course me did!” Hagrid replied with a grin “yer can always trust me,” Stated Hagrid, who starting shifting through his pockets, in search for the locket “ha, told yah I had it!”

“This is not a time for victory, Hagrid,” McGonagall chided him “there is work to be done.”

“Right, right” Hagrid agreed “keep forgetting ‘bout that death eater.”

“Shh, not so loud” McGonagall scolded “remember we are in muggle country.”

“Oh, right” Hagrid remembered. “Guess me forgot, sorry McGonagall.” McGonagall nodded to confirm his apology was accepted. McGonagall turned her back on Hagrid and pulled out her wand, she opened the door to the house which groaned and protested against the sudden shift. “Err, McGonagall?”

“Yes Hagrid,” McGonagall replied.

“I thought we were meeting Harry and Ron?” Hagrid asked, his face gleaming as he mentioned the names.

“We are,” McGonagall replied “but first, there is something we need to do.”

“What ‘tis that?” Hagrid asked.

“We need the maker of the locket.” McGonagall replied.

“Why?” asked Hagrid. While holding up the locket, in the air between the couple.

McGonagall turned to face him with weariness in her eyes “because,” she replied “the maker is the only one who can operate given that he knows all the nooks and crannies, but that is all you need to know.”

“Will it ‘help us destroy that death eater?”

“Yes, it will” McGonagall replied straightening her back.

“Yer okay,” Hagrid asked noticing McGonagall groans.

“Just old age,” McGonagall cackled making her voice become hoarse. Hagrid laughed along, as he too was aging beyond usual years.

The pair entered the house cautiously, stepping lightly so not to wake its owner. “Lumos,” McGonagall whispered and a bluish light shot out from the end of her illuminating the dark house. The house itself looked like it had aged and was ready to fall apart at given time. “Hagrid,” McGonagall called.

“Yes?” replied Hagrid from behind, who stepped next to her.

“Whatever might happen,” McGonagall ordered “I want you to run don’t look back.”

“’Course professor,” Hagrid replied.


“Hermione,” Ron called out to his girlfriend “Hermione, do you know where we are going?”

“Of course, I do, Ronald” Hermione snapped “Professor McGonagall gave me specific directions!”

“What were those exactly?” Ron asked, groaning as the trio made their way towards their destination to meet McGonagall and Hagrid to help them destroy the final death eater.

“Ron, common’” Harry called out to Ron, as he maneuvered his way through the rocky hillside “leave Hermione alone, will you, she’s trying her best.”

“Well then Harry,” Ron came in “I supposed you don’t know where our bloody camp site is, do you?”


“You don’t need to be a holler,” Ron bark back. “I get enough of it from my mom after I had broken my wand thank you!”

“Please, that was ages ago, Ron-” Hermione began, but Harry stepped in.

“Will you please stop this madness,” Harry commanded, “we don’t need to start bickering amongst ourselves, especially after we just finished a war!”

“Harry’s right, Ron” Hermione agreed “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry to,” Ron apologized, but it looked like he wanted to say something more “it is just that we’ve been disapparating and apparating various places with only just one clue to where the camp site is and I am starving,” he complained. “There is little food to ration between us.”

“You’re always starving,” Harry concluded. “But, I do see your point, I am starving as well.”

“So, should we just make camp again tonight?” Ron asked.

“We can’t,” Hermione protested “this is the night we have to find the camp and meet Professor McGonagall and Hagrid; we just can’t waste another night.”

“But, but I’m hungry.” Ron complained.

“Grr…all right,” Hermione hesitantly agreed. “But, not in this area, I just don’t feel safe.”

“’Kay,” both Harry and Ron replied. They wondered for about three more hours until they found a spot where Hermione was comfortable setting up camp.

“Harry!” Hermione called out to him while he was helping Ron set up camp.

“I’ll be back, Ron.” Harry told his friend and got up, stretching back as he went to Hermione who was doing safety charm around the camp.

“Yes, Hermione?” Harry asked her.

“Where exactly do you think we are, right now?” Hermione asked in a hushed whisper so that Ron, who was a couple feet away from where they were standing, couldn’t hear her. Harry muffled a laugh. “I mean,” Hermione began “I don’t recognize any of this, even while we hunting down Riddle’s horcruxes.”

“Dunno?” Harry replied in a whisper “like you said, I don’t recognize any of this; save for the fact when we were going in circles that one time.”

“Do you think we’re still going in circles?” Hermione asked him.

“Yes,” Harry replied “yes, I do believe so.” Hermione made a frustrated sound that echoed off a rock next to them.

“What was that?” Ron asked coming up next to them to see what they were up to, “sounded hollow.” Hermione looked at Harry than at Ron, who made sense.

“I wondered what could have made my voice echo off that rock.” Hermione wondered out loud.

“Dunno?” Harry replied “maybe we should move our camp?”

“Perhaps Harry is right Hermione?” Ron agreed “I don’t like anything eerie like that rock.” Hermione just rolled her eyes.

“Okay, but we need to move fast it is almost nightfall.” Hermione stated in a hushed whisper. But, before the trio could walk back to the tent to pack it up, something grabbed Hermione’s feet and pulled her. She heard Harry’s and Ron’s screams of surprise as they hurried to rescue her, but they too were pulled deeper underground.

© Copyright 2017 Meggie Lynn. All rights reserved.

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