The Phantom's Curse

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Something I wrote on Halloween. Enjoy.

Submitted: December 02, 2012

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Submitted: December 02, 2012



The silhouette in the organ seat played the instrument flawlessly, with every key he played he gave me the most eerie feel and I figured that was his goal. But, how does one know how to give the listeners a specific feeling? I am not sure. But, what I do know is once this pianist is done playing my whole world will go topsy turvey.

His fingers brushed slightly as he stroked the keys peacefully, but ending in a horrifying note that made my heart beat fast and my neck become a pool of sweat. I sat in a small stool next to the grand black piano; a large French door loomed over us as I stared into the darkening sky. The rain poured down hard onto the cobbled streets, forcing me to stay indoors with this mysterious gentleman that I just met three hours ago at the start of the party.

The ball room glittered from the jewels of the ladies accessories and ranged in various colors of the gowns and masks, as they swayed back and forth to the music. It was October and this was the most exciting masquerade ball that I have been to in my life. No one knew who this master player was? Nor of where he came.

Everyone was enchanted, as he stilled played, neither his fingers never growing tired nor his green mask falling off as he quickly went through the piece he was playing and smoothly entering into yet another. This gentleman had walked up to me and my three girlfriends when we were sitting on a sofa next to a grand fire place that held the most cheerful fire which warmed the entire mansion.

What intrigued me more was how the dancers never grew tired, or wanting a drink. They were so entrance not to be able to see the reality behind the mask, but I knew I would soon as I sat next to him. He peered at me through the holes in the mask that were for his eyes than at the clock-five minutes until the stroke of minute and All-Hallows-Eve will be over. He switched over to the next song and this time with his notes he sung, his musical talent also showing in his deep rich opera voice; so enchanting, so unreal.

Just before the last stroke of the night, he got up from his seat but did not bow like a normal musician would. I stared at the audience hoping that one of them would start to clap for his brilliance, but neither did, in fact all were still dancing as if the music was still going on. With my mouth agape I watched the gentleman come and bow down before me, he then reached out his arm for me to take-I did so voluntarily.

He maneuvered me through the dancing crowd and out onto the marbled balcony, but he did not stop there. The gentlemen brought me further into the hushed gardens where the shadows stretched further as I approached them. I knew something wasn’t right? Every fiber in my body told me to turn, but I couldn’t I was entranced with the man behind this mask. Three minutes to go before midnight and I shall know all, but will I be prepared?

I tried to fight but the force that draws me to him pulled me closer not allowing me to get away. I felt a strong arm wrap around mine, as the man behind the mask forced me into the heart of the garden maze. He turned a corner and gently sat me down onto a bench just as the clock stroke twelve.

It was then I felt my eyes grow in wonder as the man revealed himself to me. He was no more than twenty and seven, but his pale face looked as if it had aged far beyond his years. His eyes matched the dark green of his mask, but the white of his eyes were like the snow. His lips were as red as a rose, but what came next was the most unrealistic thing one could see in Salem.

He gently leaned on the bench next to me and brushed his lips against my neck, yearning to be passionate. “Why, can’t I feel the love that so many feel.” He asked out loud and not in question form. I remained quiet unsure of how to answer. “Why is it that you are able to withstand my spells?” The man asked pushing me further into the bench and kissing more passionately down my chest and back up.

“I don’t know?” I replied, returning his kiss.

“You make me feel wanted, like I am not the cursed creature I am.” He stated before pulling back. He stared blankly at the stars in the sky. “Even with your mask on, I know you are the one, the one to break this wrenched curse!” He lifted my mask off when the final bell tolled. I swallowed unassumingly.  I leaned closer towards him just close enough to make our lips touch. I could feel the heat from his breath as he breathed in and out.

“How can I break the curse?” I asked. “How do I end your misery?” The man stood up quickly and rummaged through his black suit.

“With this,” replied putting a silver knife in my hand. I am certain that my mouth hung low in despair for the man chuckled. “You must kill me Holly Bryson.”

How did he know my name? How can I kill the most enchanting man I have ever crossed? His kiss was so yearning, so desperately deserving of a love he couldn’t have. “You must kill me, you must kill me now!” I stood lost, unsure if I should carry out the sentence.

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