Somehow it Worked

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about Selena and Samantha before the events in Mated Forever it's a short story and it helps with some of the questions about these 2 ppl I'm sure you want to know.

Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



Selena’s POV

Why did every little thing I do was wrong? I can’t find the right woman and when I do find a woman she’s not right. Am I just picky or unloveable? Sighing, and wiping away a tear I stood and looked out the window.

I looked down at the people having a good time outside, I lived right by the beach, very lovely neighborhood good enough to raise kids.

Kids. The one thing I knew I would never get if I didn’t find a guy I liked or a girl to adopt with me. I had flings with guys nothing dramatic, but not very satisfying and I don’t mean in just the sexual sense.

I kept scanning the area of the beach and side walk when I saw her. Beauty was a understatement, gorgeous just wasn’t right either, sexy was just too sexual. Exquisite thats the word, such grace even while sitting on a bench with the sun setting.

Her light blonde hair whipped in the wind, her legs long and lean, her eyes now those took my breath away they were my favorite color, violet. Dark purple eyes, small nose and plush lips. Her face was calm and collected, but her eyes held wisdom beyond her years and pain. Hidden pain, pain that no one saw, except for me.

I wanted to run to her and comfort her. I looked down at myself and I sighed again. Clothes I need clothes. I looked around and found some clean jeans, a bra and a halter top.

May as well looked good. I pulled them on and looked out the window, thankfully she was still there. I grabbed a pair of sandals and walked outside ignoring the blinding sunlight, I really shouldn’t be outside I should still be inside hiding from the sun, but needed to talk to this strange girl.

Oh, I may want to tell you something. I’m a vampire and real and true vampire. I brushed my hair with my fingers and ran down the metal stairs so fast I almost used my vampire sped. I needed her. I walked outside and she was still there sitting so tranquil and quiet. I walked slowly over to her mentally preparing myself.

I walked in front of her and smiled.

“Hi I’m Selena.” The girl’s head bobbed up to my face, she looked around.

“Are you talking to me?”

“Of course I am. I’m Selena, what’s your name?” The girl blushed.

“Oh, excuse my manners I’ve had a positively horrid day, and I forgot what to do. Ha, I’m Samantha.” Samantha, was so breath taking I almost cried at her named. She even smelled pure.

“I thought as much, about you having a bad day. I know I’m practically a stranger, but do you wanna talk about it?” Samantha looked closely at me.

“For being a stranger in a city and wanting to know what a poor girls problems are, I should probably run, but you seem nice enough. Okay, I’ll tell you, but only on two condition.”

“Shoot, I’m game.”

“I get to call you Lena and you won’t be grossed out by what my problems are.” I laughed.

“Nobody has called me Lena in... Well to long damn it, and about the last thing as long as it has nothing to do with murder or messed up sexual fetishes.” Samantha blushed bright red, and pushed her hair back.

“Don’t tell me it is a sexual fetish?” That is kinda hot.

“No, you just surprise me.”

“If you get the privileged to call me ‘Lena’ can I call you Sam?” Samantha, thought for a moment.

“Only seems fair, Lena.” Lena oh my name on her lips was entrancing.

“Alright then Sammy girl spill it.” I sat down next to her at a respectable distance.

“My ex had just broke up with me because I found out they cheated on me.” My eyes shot up.

“They broke up with you because they cheated on you!?” Sam nodded.

“What an ass, no offense, but nobody should treat a lady like that no matter how much he may think he’s a god.” Sam coughed, and looked back at me from the corner of her eye.

“The thing is my ex was a girl.” OMG. This is to perfect.

“Thank gods, I thought I was flirting with you for no reason.” Sam’s whole face lifted.

“You’ve been flirting with me?”

“Discretely so.”

“That’s just so not my luck, usually when I see a girl I like she’s straight or already taken.”

“Oh so you like me Sammy girl?” Sam tensed, as she realized what she had said. She blushed a little and nodded. “So cute. So who was this girl I wanna go kick her ass for you.” Sam looked surprised, I reached out and tapped her nose.

“Don’t look so shock Sammy, I’ll do it too.”

“B-but you can’t! You’ll get hurt!” I laughed at that.

“Sweetie, I’m stronger than I look.” Sam looked around and whispered.

“You may think I’m crazy, but she’s a vampire.” I threw back my head giggling.

“So you have an attraction to vampire girls? That’s kinda hot, Sam.”

“You believe me!?”

“Believe you? Babe I am one.” Sam’s mouth dropped open.

“Your a vampire?”

“Yes Sammy girl I am.”

“Lena, I would have never guessed you so much sweeter than my last girlfriend.”

“What’s her name?”

“She’s more dominate thats what I mean. She always has to be boss which I don’t usually mind, but...”

“SAMANTHA!” She looked startled. “What is her name?”

“Oh, sorry I was babbling. It’s Thea.”

“Man you really do have a thing for redheaded girl vamps hey girly?” Sam nodded. “Cute, babe.”

“You think so?”

“Yes, I do. This may be a little soon I mean after your break up and anyways, but you wanna come up to my apartment?” Sam, giggled.

“I would love to Lena, but I feel like a dip first. You wanna join me?” I nodded zealously.

“I have to get my bikini, but I’ll be right back my flats just across the street.”

“That’s fine, but could you bring an extra towel?”

“Of course, be right back.” And for the effect of it I gave Sammy a quick kiss on the lips and left, swishing my ass just a little much.

Samantha’s POV

I watched Lena walk away, and felt a little bit lonely. She’ll be back. I knew that for sure. I pulled off my shirt and my shorts. My white bikini was a bit see through and I was glad for the darkness even if it didn’t hide myself from Lena’s sharp eyes. I sat down by the surf and watched the waves coming in and out almost touching my toes.

“Hey.” I looked up and might have tackle Lena if she didn’t sit down next to me and brush my face so lightly. I shuttered.

“Hey.” Lena smiled and handed me a black towel. “Thanks.” I laid it out and stood up. Lena did the same and grabbed my hand which made me gasp as heat shot up my arm and made me hungry for her caress.

She smirked at me like she knew and pulled me into the lukewarm water. He black bikini top held her breasts well and amplified their already huge and hard nipples. They stood out easily and I wanted to taste them.

I took a deep breath and gave Lena a really good look. Her red hair was curly and long, her unusual chocolate brown eyes that you never see redheads with, soft skin and wide hips. I felt inferior to her and her immense loveliness, my eyes fell down in embarrassment.

I felt her soft and long finger go under my chin and lift my gaze up.

“What wrong Sammy girl?”

“Why do you like me? I’m not as beautiful as you, tall or even have big breasts, why in the world...” Lena cut me off by pulling my body against her, and nipping at my throat.

“Your perfect just the way you are. I like my woman short, and you are beautiful, but your breasts hmm theses are a problem...” I knew Lena was teasing me, so I tackled her and we rolled around above the water laughing and splashing each other. I relaxed my body on her as we floated, breathing hard.

“So my breasts are a problem? How’s this for a problem?!” I untied my top and flashed Lena, her face was priceless as she stared at them without moving or breathing. I laughed as she tried to reach for them, but I pulled myself off of her tying my top back up.

“Sammy...” She wined. “I was kidding about the boob thing, now get your ass back over.”

“Nope your gonna have to get me.” And I dived into the water swimming fast. I kept swimming and I was enjoying the chase when I stood on the bottom of the ocean I saw a shark. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t use my air supply. I turned around to swim away when I saw Lena swimming for me like the devil was after her. But she wasn’t fast enough as the shark shot forward and bit my right shoulder.

Searing pain shot through my whole being and I almost fainted. But then the tearing teeth were yanked away and soft strong arms eloped me. I was pulled up to the surface coughing.

“Are you alright Sam?”

“No, I was bitten by a shark you know.” Lena growled.

“This is no time for humor.”

“I’m the one in pain Lena, it helps to laugh about it.”

“Come on lets get you to the shore.” It was already pitch black, and the moon was shinning down on us. Lena tugged me gently to where I could stand and I stumbled to the beach and fell on my hands breathing hard.

“This is where it comes in handy to having a healing vampire around.” Lena nodded. “It’s not that I want Thea back I just wish she was here to heal me, I’m quite injury prone.” Lena looked at me and set me on the towel.

“Maybe I should call Thea, she could fix you up.” I shook my head.

“I don’t wanna be anywhere near her, I rather die.” Angry pulsed through Lena.

“Well I rather you wouldn’t, so I’m getting her here.”

“No! If you bring her here I’ll hate you, Lena just leave things be.”

“Are you suicidal!? I don’t want you to die.”

“Then change me.” Lena’s face was a mix of surprise and shock.

“Do you know what changing you does? It turns you to a vampire sure, but we’ll be connected to each other forever. No changing it.”

“I know. Either you change me Lena or I’m gonna die. It’s too late to bring me to the doctors or even to Thea. While we were arguing I lost more blood.”

“Damn it, Samantha. Do you think I want you to die? Or hate me for chaining you to me?”

“What’s better than being chained to such a lovely woman as your self?” Lena sighed.

“Even at deaths door you make a joke.” Lena scooped me into her arms and cradled me close.

“Once I change you I’m gonna beat you soundless for being so underhanded.” I chuckled and snuggled closer to her. I felt her hand brush my hair. “Don’t die Sammy, just hold on.” I nodded content in her arms. I felt her flew across the sand, the road and up two flights of stairs. Shoving the door open, she brought me quickly to her bed.

Selena’s POV

I couldn’t let my Sammy girl die so I flew up the stairs and onto the bed, lowering her down I took a good look at her bit. It was pouring out blood slowly, and it looked painful.

“I have enough time to seduce you a bit so you won’t feel me bit you, are you up to it or do you want me to just get it over with?”

“Not that I wouldn’t love to have your hands on me I don’t think I could last that long without wanting to finish it even if I am dying.” I cluck my tongue.

“Such a naughty girl, alright just try to relax.” I slid up Sammy’s body, brushing her face, nibbling on her ear before I slid my fangs out and lightly as I could bit her. I felt her moan, and she tugged me closer. I pulled back and bit my wrist.

“I know the worst part, you have to drink sweetie.” Sam looked up at me with trusting eyes and grabbed my wrist and started sucking. As she drank more she startled to like it and kept drinking harder. Her bite was regressing like backwards in time and then it was gone. Her head fell back and she licked her lips. She looked around the room then at me, her mouth dropped open.

“Wow, with theses eyes you look even more beautiful than before.” I blushed. “Lena?” I looked at her.

“Yes, love?”

“This may be too soon, but I think I love you.” My eyebrows lifted.

“So thats why you wanted me to change you. So you love me Sammy girl?”

“I think I do, it feels like love.”

“Why don’t we wait and see?”

Six months later...

Sam’s POV

I rolled over and Lena’s face was pressed in the pillow, it was the middle of the day and I couldn’t sleep.

“Sam, why are you still awake?” Lena asked, sleepily.

“I don’t know I just can’t sleep.” Lena sighed and opened her eyes to my hair bunched up in places and my makeup speared.

“Still pretty babe, even with the do or perhaps a don’t.”

“Ha ha so funny.” Lena pulled my body to her.

“We didn’t make love last night, perhaps that what my Sammy girl wants?”

“I’m so use to making love then falling asleep I guess I’m just dependent on it now.” Lena nodded and pulled me closer, leaning above me she smiled and nipped at my spots. On my neck, soft stomach and inside of my thigh. I groaned. I felt myself grown wet and I moaned as Lena pulled back pulling her shirt off, her soft breasts bounced as they were released from their prison of a one of my too small shirts.

Lena sighed and shook her hair out, her hair fanning her face. I smiled, grabbing her face and crushed my lips to hers. Lena pulled away threw me on my back and stripped me of her shirt, she brushed my stomach and kissed my belly button.

“Even after seeing you over and over every night and day naked I will never get over how lovely you truly are.” I blushed, and felt Lena’s hand against my wet core. I shuttered and arched my hips silently begging. She rubbed my nub and I cried out. She ripped my panties off and into shreds, and I felt her hot breath on my sensitive flesh.

Her tongue darted out and licked my nub up and down, squirming in need I shoved myself to her face and moan when she took me greedily in her mouth and licked an sucked until I came off the bed bucking and crying out.

“Very nice babe.” I said between sobs of air that I needed. I flipped up and Lena was licking her lips. I repeated what she did to me happily and we curled together, content.

“I love you.” Lena said. I cupped her breast and blow on it.

“Really? I didn’t know. I love you too Selena Meadows.” She giggled.

“Yes Samantha Mae, soon to be my lovely wife as Sammy Meadows. Somehow it works.”

Yes somehow it worked, everything was wonderful and I wanted to be with Lena my Selena for all eternity. To be with her as her wife.

“Sammy Meadows.” I whispered before I fell asleep in my lovers arms.

© Copyright 2020 Meggie1495. All rights reserved.

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