Southern Mali

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An irony assignment I wrote last year.

Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



In Southern Mali, there is a lush rainforest along the Niger River. It is teeming with light, sound, and activity. It borders the Sahara Desert.

A little tree frog was sitting on a tree branch, listening and watching the activity of the lush green forest which was filled with so much life. The chattering of the monkeys, the chirping from the insects, and the growls of predators that preyed on the weak, small animals. The little frog was greatly annoyed, wanting somewhere that was quiet and peaceful.

The little tree frog said to a chameleon, “Don’t you think it’d be great to go to the Paradise Pond far out in the desert?”

The chameleon replied, “I am not sure that is a pond, no one has ever come back to tell us about it.” 

The little tree frog thought about this and said, “It must be so wonderful that everyone stays there.”

He hopped towards the end of the tree branch and in his peripheral vision, he saw in the far distance of the desert, sparkling water. Excitement and awe lit the young tree frog’s face. He had heard rumors about Paradise Pond far out in the desert and how no one came back. That must be the place! No wonder why no one came back! It’ll be my pond, no one else's! ? 

The little frog climbed down the tree using the bark to dig its little feet in. This way he could climb down easily. He reached the forest ground. In the underbrush, he saw insects and animals in their daily life. He decided to hop to Paradise Pond. He soon reached the hot desert sands which stretched for miles. He began to hop, but when his little feet touched the hot sand, it sent him reeling back. The little tree frog planned to go when it was nighttime because it would be cooler.
The day quickly passed and it was nighttime. The air was silent and cold. This time of night the predators of the night awakened. The little tree frog hopped back to the desert and this time the cold sand felt good on his burned feet. He began to hop towards the Paradise Pond. His little legs soon became tired from walking which seemed like miles. His mouth became dry and parched. He was so close and he wanted to bathe in the cold water.

He continued to walk hour after hour. Sometimes he was sure he saw the clear, sparkling water which he attempted to jump into, but he did not feel the cold, splashing water. He only jumped into a big pile of sand which got into his mouth and ears. The tree frog was confused. It seemed like Paradise Pond had vanished right before his eyes. His tears could not roll down his cheeks because he was completely dehydrated. What the little frog saw was only a mirage. Now he knew why no one ever returned to the green lush rain forest of Mali.


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