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Submitted: July 03, 2017

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Submitted: July 03, 2017



I am war: a terrible tragedy that tears apart families. I am Hell itself. I cause great sorrow and pain to those who have to see my horrors. I rear my ugly face when immoral beings are blinded by hatred, trepidation, and vengeance. I am only a cowardly escape for mortals from their problems. I cause an endless carousel of strife and agony. I cause unimaginable suffering: a mother losing her children or the terrifying flashbacks in a soldier’s haunted eyes.


I am never justified, even for a good cause. I provide mindless opportunities to kill an enemy who just want to return home to their loved ones. Humans act like they have a right to murder others, but don’t they know that is no way to live life. I am a soulless crime called victory, paid with the lives of the defeated. Yet, humanity has not realized how diabolical I am. Gullible humans are blinded by dauntless tales of wars which kept them from seeing the evils of bloodshed. Humans are awful cruel creatures.


No matter how much you adorn me with beautiful and noble words, I am a crime of humanity. I am not some heroic affair. I am filled with despair and pain. I am the very essence of humanity’s cruelty. I bring suffering to the afflicted and I’ll exist as long as humanity exists. Many glorify me, thinking I am justice, but they are very wrong.


I am the reaper of death. Mortals claim I bring justice on others, but I am just mindlessly killing them. However, people still believe violence is the key to success. I am tantamount to evil despite what some say. People believe I am justifiable, but I cause unfathomable pain and suffering to the innocent who are dragged into the war.


I breed violence and sadness. I have witnessed the cycle of strife over and over, no one can stop it. I am a ravenous beast. I am a living monster. However, I am perpetrated as justice by foolish mortals. Violence only breeds more hatred and wars. Humans will never know this truth, they are sinful creatures and they are equivalent to Satan himself.



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