Love in Her Eyes

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Story of a girl and her fear of falling in love.

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



Two years ago your eyes shown
With a kind of light I wish I understood.
Happiness captured in flecks of blue,
Always true, but the truth is not all it should be

I can remember the day I met you
Your shirt didn't match your shoes and I told you so
That night we kissed underneath the moon
You said how did I get to be so lucky?
What I didn't say was I felt lost there.

And always I find that I can pretend to love you
and I can pretend to love someone else too
but every time I feel something new
I push and I fight I scream and I bite
but always I'm stuck here waiting
for my soul with love in her eyes.

Last year your eyes shown
with a kind of light I understood
Happiness hiding the fleeting truth
still flecked with blue, but sadder then they should be
I'm sorry that I felt so empty

And slowly I found that I can't love you
and that was just something that was not fair to you
so I had to let your whole heart go
had to give it to a better home
I can have it back when I'm done waiting
For my soul with love in her eyes

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