True Love:Just a myth?

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Does true love really exist? Or is it just a myth? A feeling which humours people? Something beautiful and honest which fades away soon after? Yep, i guess so...

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



True love: Just a myth?


Yes I was in love! I called up my girls and I could actually hear them scream on the other end!! Ha-ha! I couldn’t believe it; I was completely in love and in a committed relationship, to the utter amazement of so many people!! The downright tom-boyish gal, who didn’t know how to dress up, who was completely unaware of which make up brand was in fashion and who was absolutely-not-so-sober while talking, was head over heels in love with the school head boy/football captain/the popular-est guy in the neighbourhood and well, I didn’t actually know him that well! We came from 2 different schools but hell yeah, the guy was popular! I couldn’t help but noticing him for the past few months since he moved into my colony. And there was this one fateful morning when I spotted him sitting in a corner, religiously solving calculus in tuition. I raised my eyebrows at my best friend who sat next to him, trying to take a glimpse of his notes. She shrugged and gestured me to wait after the class ended. I did so and she told me about the guy who was new to the neighbourhood and was a genius and was everything that I mentioned above. In no time, we started smiling at each other in class, bumping into each other near the clubhouse of our colony, adding each other on Facebook, exchanging numbers, texting with each other and off-late there have been late night conversations too and that was when realisation struck me! We were in this Friends-with-benefit kinda thingy for almost a month when we realised it wasn’t only so. It was rather something more and much more! We certainly had our strings attached to each other and soon, we were together. He asked me out one fine summer evening when we were sitting near the dock on a grassy patch, looking at those huge oil tankers that stood on the shores, waves shattering the reflection of the setting sun as they crashed into the boats. I said yes and he wrapped me tight in his warm hug. He was my best friend first so there was not much that he had hidden from me. Neither did I. But very soon entered that feeling of regret and guilt and morose and don’t-know-what-to-believe which still lies in my heart and I aint able to get rid of it. I received a friend request from his ex-girlfriend 2 months later. Yeah, he had told me that he dated this girl in his school only for about 9 months and there was nothing between them, absolutely nothing at all. No strings, no love. I accepted her request and we casually started chatting over the net without my guy’s knowledge! She seemed to be a very sweet girl, talked very nicely to me which was really surprising. During one such casual conversation, she told me that she dated my boyfriend since the 9th grade and they would have been completing 4 years the next month, if were together! I was dumb-founded! Dude, 9 months and 4 years has way too much of a difference!! I knew she wasn’t lying because a set of mutual friends had told me the same. She said she used to cry each night, asking him to come back to her, pleading him for months together. He broke up with her without giving her a reasonable explanation. And the worst came when she told me that my boyfriend broke up with her 2 days before I and she started talking! I was like what?!! I had started dating him way before that!! I was flabbergasted. Even she was shocked when I told this to her. I didn’t wanna believe it… it was like a stab in my stomach… it felt so either because he lied to me or because I came in between what they had, I ruined everything that they had. He had also promised her that he would never smoke or drink way too much but he always did. He lied to her. I know he lies to me too. I aint that stupid but I love him way too much. I don’t know what is important, my self respect or the love for him.  He is my first love, he is a keeper…I cried along with her… and before she moved away to college in another city, she asked me not to trust him, ever because he told her all those exact same things, in the freakishly same words once upon a time that he says to me now, those honey coated words which make you go ‘awww’ and moisten your eyes… I’m still in a dilemma… True love, ah, just blasphemy…


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