Angel On Your Shoulder

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Where do we go?

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011




People get hit

People drown in their sake

Some people get attacked

And some go when not awake


No matter how you go

You are eventually gone

Whether you’re two or three

You always end your song


But where do we go when we disappear?

A valley of peace?

Somewhere else near?


A place where angles live and bear

Floating on a cloud with no despair

A place where the dark never comes

The light stays, it whispers and hums


Or somewhere else dangerous

Deep down below

Somewhere hot and cold

With nowhere else to go


The demons, they laugh

At the failures we’ve had

The make us do work

They make us feel sad


Or maybe we choose none of the above

Perhaps we go someplace

Like in a tub?


No one knows where we go when we die

We just hit the sake

And never come awake

Never come back...

But still we can hope they look down on us from above

Smiling at our lives

And flying like a dove



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