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Hana is in 3rd year high school .. She always transfer school because of her father's job .. Afraid of being forgotten she decided not to make friends until he meet Tsukasa ..

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012



Hana, a third year high school transfered 8 times already. Afraid of being forgotten, she decided not to make friends again. And because she's like that, the students thought that she is weird. While walking, she heard someone playing a violin at the music room. She was carried away by the music so she entered the music room and was shocked to see her classmate Tsukasa, the popular boy in her school playing the violin.

Tsukasa was shocked to see Hana, his classmate standing on the door. He asked what does she want and she told him that she was just carried away in his music. After a while, they started to talk all about music and about theirselves. They got along so well, that all the girls in their school got jealous of Hana. Hana is the only girl who can get close to Tsukasa. Tsukasa always give them a cold shoulder but it's different towards Hana. Then suddenly, the girls thought of a plan, they decided not to talk to Hana and make her feel that she doesn't belong there.

"Hana, I noticed that there is no one female students who talked to you, is it okay?" Tsukasa asked while they were eating lunch.

"I'm full .. thanks for the food." Hana told him. "Well, about that, I don't actually want to make friends with everyone.." Hana started to cry. "Because, I'm sure that when I will transfer I will be forgotten." she added

"Don't worry, Hana, I'm here, you will not be alone again." Tsukasa told her. "You are my friend, right? Even though you will transfer, I will not forget about you." and he hugged her.

The next morning, Hana opened her locker and saw many letters saying "DON'T TALK TO TSUKASA" and a picture of them hugging. Hana started not to talk to Tsukasa. Tsukasa started to get confused why Hana doesn't want to talk to him and she ignored him. Even though Hana doesn't talk with Tsukasa she still received a note saying "DON'T GO NEAR TSUKASA". She couldn't take it anymore so she started not going to school and her actions makes her mother and Tsukasa worried. Later that night, her parents told her that they will be moving again because of her father's job so she is going to transfer again.

Tsukasa knocked on Hana's house and it was her Hana's mother who opened the door.

"What do you need?" Hana's mother ask him.

"Good afternoon, I am Tsukasa, Hana's classmate. I am here to check if she is okay."

"You are Tsukasa?" Hana's mom became worried. "Come on in.

"It's good that you came here, I have something to tell give you." she place a letter in front of him. "While cleaning Hana's room, I found those." she told him. "Do you know anything about those?" she asked. Tsukasa read the letter and he saw a picture where he hugged Hana

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I don't know about these." he apologized. "Can I have these?" he asked

"Sure." she smiled. "By the way, we will be moving again because of my husband's work." she told him. "If you love my daughter tell it to her quickly before it's too late." she added and smiled. "I will try to force her to go to school tomorrow, so take that chance, okay?"

"Thank you, ma'am."

"Tsukasa, why are you late?" Their homeroom teacher asked him but instead of answering he throw to the whole class the letters that Hana's mother gave him.

"Who the hell sent those to Hana?" Tsukasa shouted.

"Why are you getting angry, Tsukasa?" a girl ask her. "Is she that important to you?" she added.

"Yes! She is so important to me." Tsukasa answered. "I love her!" he added. Not knowing that Hana is standing on the door, her mother did really forced her.

"Tsukasa?" Hana called his name. Tsukasa was embarrassed and at the same time shocked. "Is that true?" hana asked.

"Yes, Hana, I love you."

"Even though, I will transfer again?"

"Yes.. I will wait for you and always be on contact to you."

"Tsukasa, I love you too.." Hana confessed. Tsukasa was so happy and he hugged her.

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