Lying Crying

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This song is about the heart break of realising that the person you love is no good for you. Its about facing your fears and learning to get yourself away from disaster.

Submitted: June 15, 2008

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Submitted: June 15, 2008



Lying Crying
Verse 1:
Could only see the good in you,
I am hurt but I will pull through,
at least I know who you really are,
it's good to know because now I can laugh.
I can't believe that I was so blind,
when you were mean I just closed my eyes,
well heres a fact: I won't take no more,
I've been rebuilt I am reborn.
Just you wait the hurt will come,
soon to be alone with no one,
what goes around will come around,
and you'll be the one,
lying crying on the ground.
Verse 2:
All the pain dished out was worth it in the end,
it means you can't trick and you can't pretend,
I am stronger now then I am before,
I don't need you in my life no more.
Middle 8:
You've upset me but I will survuve,
I don't have you but I will not die,
Cause you aren't worth the tears I cry,
or the breath I waste when I sigh.
Yes I have just realised,
that I can manage without all your lies,
I could waste my life asking you why,
but prelonging your life entangled in mine,
will only leave me battered once again!
Chorus x2

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