So, I am almost 30....eeek!

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so, how well do we really cope with 'growing up' ?

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



Getting older is an issue I think we all struggle with at some point, I sit writing this as someone who is rapidly approaching 30 and in all honestly, I am not sure how I feel about it. I know to a lot of people this isn’t classed as old, I don’t myself class it as old when it happens to other people, but why does it have to happen to me?! I was happy to stop at 25 and just call it quits.

As I write this I am 75 days, 13 hours, 07 mins and 15 seconds away from the milestone that I think we all secretly dread to reach, it’s the first milestone that while we know we are still young enough to go out and celebrate, it’s the last one we can get away with doing so in such spectacular fashion. It’s that definitive age where you can no longer use being in your 20’s as an excuse for winding up drunk sat on a pavement, kebab in one hand, and heels in the other.

There seems to be an unwritten rule that 30 is the age where even though you legally have been classed as an adult for the last 12 years, you suddenly now have to be a ‘Grown up’. Shudder!
 I am not sure what to expect really, I know on April the 25th at 11.59pm as the clock strikes midnight, I am not all of a sudden going to magically adorn a pair of slippers and a dressing gown and succumb to the overwhelming urge I already have to subscribe to a monthly edition of a Woman’s magazine, so what is going to change I wonder?

I remember reaching 18 and thinking I was so grown up and mature, and then at 21 being told countless times, ''21 that’s it, it’s all downhill from here''. I don’t necessarily agree things have gone downhill as such, things have just, well….gone, and very very quickly. In this I include the speed of my metabolism, is it just me or is it that the older you get you can practically hear Ben & Jerry laughing at you when you reach for the tub in the freezer? And at the age where comfort takes complete priority when choosing an outfit, there is just no room for a slow metabolism and a love of ice cream in a pair of leggings.

There is just so much to accept as you grow older, the drink to hangover ratio gets progressively worse, I now get drunker faster and ill for longer. I find it increasingly difficult to make it to the end of a film without nodding off, and naps, I love to nap on a weekend afternoon, especially if I know I have to go out in the evening. All of this was unheard of on the right side of 25! I find myself saying things I never thought I would too, such as ‘’Oo that’s a nice frying pan, or ‘’Oh no more wine for me thanks I’ve had 1 glass and I need to be up in the morning to clean’’. My priorities have totally shifted in the last few years as I am sure they will continue to do so as I grow, hopefully gracefully, older!

There are of course some perks, firstly all my friends are older too so they are quite happy to stay in with me and drink a token prosecco before joining me in a pizza, half a film and a nap. We can now order a pot of tea in a pub and not get a funny look and there is always someone on hand with an indigestion relief tablet in case one of us does get wild enough for a Kebab. I also find I don’t worry so much now over things I used to think were a big deal, so someone doesn’t like you, it doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m established in my life, I have my friends I don’t particularly need any more, my family is around and I have nieces and nephews to be the fun Aunt to, I have my boyfriend (If there is one thing I didn’t want at 30 was to be 30 and still single, phew, this could have been a very different story)!

I guess I am not really sure why I find turning 30 such a big deal, maybe because its only 10 years away from 40, and then 50 and so on, and the last 10 years I feel I blinked and they were gone. If the next part of my life goes as quickly, before I know it I will be claiming my bus pass and be one of those older ladies I regularly help get off and on the bus with their wheelie cart!

In total honesty, I think I am scared of missing something as the years fly by, or not achieving what maybe society tells me I should by these milestones. I feel at 30 to have a nice house and a well-paid job and a happy relationship I have done well for myself, I am generally a happy person and have all that I need in life.  I have achieved what I always thought you were meant to by now (except driving but trust me a world without me on the roads can only be a better place), maybe that’s the problem, we all put too much emphasis on these milestones than actually what we do in-between them, and it is this notion in itself that instils dread amongst us when we talk of our next turn of age. What does it matter what you have achieved as long as you are happy and healthy?!

Some of the happiest people I know are 40 years old and over, and seem to have this new lease of life where they are just completely at ease with who they have become over the years. They know themselves inside and out, they know what they want, who they like and don’t waste their time on anything in-between. In that respect getting older is an exciting prospect, and I suppose that through the years we all learn to accept life for what it is, a fleeting moment of ups and downs, tears and laughter and incredible experiences.

So, from now on I vow to not be scared of getting older, to embrace life with both arms, to love to laugh and to cry when needs must. Here is to us all reaching life’s milestones, after all, were lucky to get there right?!



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