Black and Light

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

the night sky is the man the northern lights is the woman marry them together and you have a night sky of dancing light.

Black and Light.


The wait has been as old as time,

Waits for a moment, waits for the chime.


Night sky always there, waits for his dream

Waits for her smiles , waits for her beams.


He is so vast, he always waits,

Waits for a moment, waits for fate.


He is so handsome with stars in his eyes,

Until she appears, up in the skies.


Her dress reflects light, when she appears,

Her beauty brings him enchanted to tears.


Her hair so soft, trails on an icy breeze,

Dress is alluring, she does like to tease.


He would like to embrace but he can’t touch,

Upon the universe, he has to clutch.


All seeing, he mustn’t touch or go near,

Rejection would kill, he’d be at the rear.


No more chances, he has only one,

The courtship moves, have been spun.


A form of insanity, it drives him wild,

Oh how she moves, he is beguiled.


Moon is his guide, shines upon this dance,

Reacting so strong, paralyzed with her glance.


Her chiffon dress reveals, delights underneath,

Only glimpses and smiles, she will bequeath.


He is everywhere and nowhere, he waits in the dark

Until she arrives, making her mark


Upon her presence his stars twinkle, shines on this star,

Surrounded by empty, she’s an awakening spa.


She breezes past leaving ripples, in her wake,

To reveal her beauty, this is his fate.


He asks for a dance, her lights explode,

Revealing her dress, oh how it glowed.


Rippling over him, his eyes are in awe,

Her presence inspires, makes him feel raw.


Light dances her beams, her rhythm embrace,

Daytime will be here, on is the race.


She feels so near but they are apart,

Her memory, will always be in his heart.







This night will repeat until the end of time,

To end this dance is such a crime.


Day light awakes, this couple must fade,

Into this music the orchestra played.


They will dance out again with so much time,

Waits for the moment, waits for the chime.


Meia Allegranza

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Submitted: April 03, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Meia. All rights reserved.

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