daisy my mum always mowed around them as she said well they look so pretty

Daisy white, with a happy face,

Decorating lawns with your lace.


Yellow centre, looks up to the sun,

When the day, has just begun.


Spreading out, your delicate petals,

Beneath a tree, you have settled.


Sometimes picked to make a chain,

Nature’s  necklace, they have gained.


Around a neck,  or on the head,

Your chain has a pretty thread.


Slits are made, in your stem,

Your flower then becomes a gem.


Children hunt you, you get picked,

A glorious crown, you do depict.


Or a necklace such beautiful pearls,

Most times, you are picked by girls.


To adorn a dress or shiny hair,

A beautiful flower, they like to wear.


You follow the sun during the day,

In your white and yellow spray.


Night draws near, to keep you warm,

Petals close up, to sleep, to dorm.


A pretty flower, so fresh, so clean,

On a dress of luscious green.


Meia Allegranza

Submitted: April 06, 2015

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