The Lonely Walk

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She takes the wrong walk!

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



The trees are dancing in the wind and a light drizzle of rain falls from the sky, light enough to leave you damp but not falling hard enough for you to need an umbrella. The smell of wet grass biting at my senses creating calm as I walk through the park alone on this Sunday evening

Most people are home in front of the television, in the local pub enjoying a glass of wine having had the traditional Sunday roast or visiting family the obligatory trailing the family out to stop and say hello.

Not me though, I’m alone, just me and the trees, the light drizzle and smell of wet grass.

walk in the park

No one likes me taking my walks, it’s dangerous and there are crazy people about they tell me. You should stick to the main roads don’t go off path they say! But I’m not afraid, nothing frightens me. I like the calmness why should I let anyone stop me enjoying it?

I’m walking through the tunnel of trees while the light starts to disappear and the darkness starts to come. Being alone is what I do best, no noise, no children or cars. Just the calming noise, sight and smell of nature at its best, isn’t that the most beautiful thing in the world.

From behind me I hear a noise, a broken twig I’m unsure, someone has disturbed my early evening stroll. I turn but see no one. I keep walking don’t be silly I say, don’t be afraid, it’s likely a rat, yes a rat there are plenty near here……….there it goes again, it’s closer….it’s a crunch not a footstep so why am I worried why is my heart beat increasing. My breathing feels loud my heart feels heavy. I don’t know what it is but the sound of trees, the drizzle of rain and the smell of wet grass has disappeared. The noise is now eerie; I feel unsure, afraid and unsure what to do next.

The trees are no longer dancing as I lie on the floor, the smell is putrid, there is blood in my mouth and my clothes are wet, I’m disorientated and I can’t get up. I don’t know how long I’ve been here but I’m cold and wet. I pull myself to my feet scared and alone, my clothes torn, nails broken. Where do I live, how do I get to the main road, yes the main road that’s where I need to be, It’s not far, come on you can make it.  

I’m home, I should have listened to them about going off path but I didn’t so it’s my fault. I should have stayed home and watched television like they did, I should have gone to the pub and ate nice food and had a glass of wine like they do, I should have visited family but I didn’t. I didn’t listen,  I put my head in my hands and cry. I won’t tell anyone what happened; no I can’t, they will only tell me they told me so and watch me all the time fearing for what I may do next. It’s bad enough I lost the pleasure of my walks but for them to remind me of the warning they gave would be too much. No I will keep it to myself.


I sit here watching the TV with my glass of wine; my third glass maybe forth whose counting? The sun is shining outside but I just see darkness that’s all I ever see these days….darkness!

I haven’t seen my family for weeks, they call and invite me for lunch but I tell them I’m busy, I will come soon I promise but I won’t, not for a while.

There is a smell of cleanliness, it should make me feel good but the water from the shower is starting to dry my skin and the smell intoxicating. I guess showering so many times a day does that but I need to wash away how I feel.

I miss seeing the trees dancing when the rain falls, I miss the smell of wet grass…..maybe one day I will feel how wonderful it is again!

Maybe Not!

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