Dangerous Love

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Her love is complicated and dangerous, but I can't get enough of it.

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Submitted: January 18, 2016

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Submitted: January 18, 2016



Loving you is so complicated,

You’re so bad for me,

But I can’t resist your lips.


Her lips are so soft and sweet,

But she’s got razor sharp teeth underneath.

This vampiric bitch will bleed you dry if you let her.

I was so damn drunk the whole night is like a blur,

All I know is I woke up next to you in my bed

With no clothes on, and a fuzzy feeling in my head.

You cut me up, and try to bleed me dry,

So I’m sneaking out without saying goodbye.

You were only a thing for one night,

I tend to disappear at first light.


You’re so toxic and deadly,

But I can’t walk away from you.

Your love is so dangerous,

But I enjoy living on the edge.


You’re so rough with me,

And you make my nose bleed.

I get a burst when you come through the door,

But I need more to keep upright.

You’re in love with my blood,

It stains your teeth, like your lipstickstains my shirt.

I let you have a little taste, only for tonight,

You say that you love me forever,

But I only love you when it’s half past five.


We’re not meant for each other,

Too toxic for our own good, I shudder,

When you run your fingers down my back,

And that’s all part of your plan of attack.

You keep wondering why I don’t call much,

But you know that we’re not ones for commitment.

I’ll have you all to myself all night,

But when the morning light comes, I’ll disappear again.


You’re addictive like a drug, so I’ll be coming back.

You’ve got a knack for never letting me slip away.

I’ll have you all to myself each and every night,

And I’ll let you taste my blood each and every time.


Loving you is so complicated and dangerous,

But I like to live on the edge.

We’re so toxic and deadly together,

You’re so addictive and poisonous, just like nicotine,

And I’m hooked on your love,

So expect me to stop by at half past five,

Cause I need a fix of your dangerous loving.

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