Drowning In The Nighttime

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Nighttime provides a range of different emotions and feelings for a lot of people and feelings, positive or negative, can be greatly amplified at night. This is how five different people experience nighttime, as well as seeing how they feel, on five different nights.

*Reached 100 Reads: 10/14/2016*

Lay me down to sleep,

On this lonely night.

Light’s out early this time,

No sense in staying up all night.

It’s that type of feeling you get when you’re all by yourself,

Locked inside a room and trapped inside your mind.

Where you know if you called, no one would answer the phone.

I guess you’re on your own again tonight.

You think that you’d be used to it by now,

This has been standing procedure for a couple months.

It doesn’t really get any easier when you feel abandoned by your friends,

But you also don’t at the exact same time.

I’m not really saying that I can’t handle myself,

I’m just saying the worst feeling in the world is to feel alone,

And abandoned by those that are the closest to you.

Even if you were not abandoned, it can still feel that way;

And I know you have a hard time shaking that feeling,

But I’m not blaming you for nothing,

Cause I know it’s not your fault.

What you gotta do is weather the storm just a little longer.


Lay me down to sleep,

On this rainy night.

Light’s out early this time,

No sense in staying up all night.

The rain outside pitters and patters against your window,

As you sit in the dark wrapped in your blankets,

Just listening to the soothing sounds of the rainstorm.

The pain is not permanent, but I know you feel like it is.

It’s not like you can recover from being fucked over so badly.

I know you cry yourself to sleep at night,

That explains why it’s always lights out early.

Sobbing and screaming into your pillow to work out the inner pain,

Muffled screams aren’t heard by anyone else in your house,

Your heart breaks and my breaks with it,

I can feel the intense sorrow hanging over your words.

One night you spill it all to me,

And then you close your doors and lock me on the outside.

How do you expect me to do anything when you shut me out,

And then you wanna be mad when I do the same to you.

The sound of the storm outside soothes your broken heart,

Because you feel like the sky is crying with you.

You won’t sleep until the rain stops,

So you pull yourself closer to window to listen to the downpour.


Lay me down to sleep,

On this empty night.

Light’s out early this time,

No point in staying up all night.

You feel hollow inside like is there organs in there,

I bet you feel like you heart has been removed while you slept,

Cause you’re finding it hard to feel anything at all.

I know you were faithful,

You put your trust in God.

I recall you always tried to get me to believe too,

But you could never sway me to that side of the fence.

You pray to God to heal your pain yet you get no answer,

I think he’s busy giving your loved one’s cancer.

When everything fails you, you just shut down;

You got that look in your eyes that is pure pain.

I used to look at you and your eyes were full of life.

Now when I look at you I get empty, sorrowful eyes staring back.

You’re having trouble feeling emotions,

And every second you’re awake is nothing but pain,

So you skip your nightly prayer and just go collapse on your bed.

Lay me down to sleep,

On this useless night.

Light’s out early this time,

No point in staying up all night.


What’s the point of even being alive,

If every single second is nothing is pain.

You hate school because it’s boring and the people are rude,

You hate the weekend because I don’t want to be alone.

You’re running behind on my studies,

Work is piling up yet you don’t even give a shit.

Every night is the same story of pain and agony,

You stay up with my music on until the pain lulls you to sleep,

Or until you pass out from another drug binge,

Or until the sleeping pills kick in.

I realize that you’re suffering major pain inside,

But the way to act out that pain is not with a knife.

You love to write but the sadness make it’s hard to do so,

But I recommend you use that as your outlet,

Inside of listening to music until your pass out,

Just write until you can’t feel your hand no more.

Lay me down to sleep,

On this starry night.

Light’s aren’t going out early this time,

No sense in going to bed just yet.


I can barely see the stars through all the light pollution,

But I know they’re out there so I leave my window open,

So I can look outside and maybe see a constellation or two.

No desk lamp so I’m gonna burn the midnight oil,

And I plan to just put everything I have into this.

I’m not resting until the sun starts to rise.

If you have a dream, then you gotta chase it;

I know the pain definitely puts me out of the game,

Sometimes even for a few days.

I always manage to recover,

No one knows how or why.

I may be behind on my studies,

But the material comes so easily it’s not like it makes a difference.

I’m sad 110% of the time I’m willing to admit it,

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get shit done when my mind is put to it.

If anyone needs me then you can find me outside,

Pen and notepad in my hand inside my car,

Sitting under the stars while I try to cure my feelings.

If you see a car parked out somewhere random,

With the midnight oil burning inside of it then you can bet that’s me.

Until we speak again you know where to find me,

I’m always on the other end just waiting for you to talk to me.

Lay me down to sleep,

On this cool, breezy night;

Light’s out early this time,

Because I can’t hold open my tired eyes.

Won’t you please lay me down to sleep,

And sing me a lullaby,

So I can drift away with the fireflies.

Submitted: September 22, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Melancholic Wisdom. All rights reserved.

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Keke Serene

As usual, you always put so much into your poetry, its simply beautiful.
The first line Lay Me Down to Sleep gives me goose bumps because I used to have abear that if you pressed it it would say that little prayer, like Now i lay me down to sleep i pray... (blah blah blah)so you adding it to this poem, to me, made it really feel like a night kind of poem...
I love the stars myself. I'm a sucker for the stars. I miss them a lot ever since I moved to the city :( Light pollution is horrible! I can only see like one star, if that many, at night... (but I digress)
I will be more straight forward and to the point this time around, i swear!
Ok, so I liked the style of this poem. It has a swingy kind of rhythm to it that makes it sound so nice in my head :3 While it starts off pretty bleak, I guess, i admire the strength shown near the end of this, staying up all night to write- fighting with a pen!
Well done!
Happy writing,

Mon, September 28th, 2015 11:28pm


Interesting that you used to have a bear that said that XD I didn't realize they existed XD I mean, I don't live in a big city so light pollution isn't too bad, but on the right night I can see a pretty fair amount of stars. This one had an interesting rhythm, I honestly pay no attention to the rhythm and then pretend like I do when someone mentions it XD Usually some of them start off really bleak and sometimes end on a good note (or at least a half decent one). Thanks for all your kind words!

Mon, September 28th, 2015 5:32pm

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