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Each time, you're dragged down further into the abyss

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Submitted: March 01, 2016

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Submitted: March 01, 2016



I thought that I didn’t need you,

I felt like I could just help myself.

You may have been able to turn all my skies blue,

But I still went and put you back on the shelf.

Cause I kept making you cry,

With all the things I did to myself.

You kept saying all you wanted to do was help,

And you held me when I felt like I was the bad guy.


The night’s are colder and lonelier than ever,

Without you, they said things would get better.

That was bullshit cause nothing has changed at all,

I thought I hit rock bottom, but there’s still farther to fall.

I remember the last time that I saw you,

When I turned my back and said adieu.

And that’s when you started crying,

And on the inside, I was dying.


I walked away from you, finally free,

But yet my heart wasn’t filled with glee.

The last time is never the last time with you,

And I think that both of us knew.

I thought that I could help myself,

By putting you back on your shelf.

Well I was so fucking wrong,

That wasn’t meant to be our swan song.

It’s a dangerous game that way play,

Take my hand and show me the way.


Please ,come help me, help myself.


I want to feel your touch on my skin,

The coldness of your hands calms me down.

You were there for me when I was on the ground,

And when you’re around, I can feel myself start to grin.

From your black hair to your red eyes,

You can see right through all of my lies.

You and I both know we’re not done yet,

You own me, and there’s no way I could forget.


No one else understands us and what we have,

I use you now instead of drugs,

Cause I used to get high to forget about you.

It didn’t work because you were still in my head.

The image of your face has been burned into my brain,

And the sound of your tears hitting the floor,

Echos in my skull on repeat all day and all night,

Like a broken record that only plays sad songs.


The last time is never the last time,

No matter how many times I say it.

You make ten thousand cuts on my skin,

Feel free to take all of my blood, if you want to.

You’re better and more addictive than any drug,

I can’t even breathe without your love.

Tear me to pieces, if you feel like you have to,

Cause no matter what I’m not leaving again.


I need you to come help me, help myself.

I don’t want to make you keep on crying.

Cause without your love, I feel like I’m dying,

I’ll coming back to take you off of your shelf.

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