The Hardest Thing

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Sometimes the only choice is to walk away, even if that's the last thing that you want to do.

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Submitted: December 21, 2015

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Submitted: December 21, 2015



The hardest thing,

I will ever have to do.

Is walk away from you.


Unrequited feelings require difficult decisions,

Our friendship was on the line.

When you asked to be friends,

I admitted that I love you.

But you also admitted that sometimes,

You felt uncomfortable but never said it.

And I admitted that I wanted you to be mine,

But I never said it.

Both of us have offsetting penalties,

In this game that we call life.

I have no ill will, I'm not bitter.

I respect you and your choices,

And I just want you to be happy,

With or without me.


I'm not mad, just upset.

Depression is setting in,

And a black hole forms where

My glass heart used to sit.

The hardest thing that I'll ever do,

Is walk away from you.


The tears keep falling like raindrops,

I told you I've been down this road.

Last time it happened,

I was stuck in love and never loved back,

And I stuck with it til the bitter end.

But that girl hates me now,

When I try to think of those good times,

I draw a blank like an amnesiac.

Only anger and bitterness remains,

And I wasn't trying to repeat that.

You're walking and talking perfect

A goddess living amongst women.

I wanted to be friends so badly,

But experience has taught me,

The band aid is best ripped off at once.


I said goodbye,

And you understood why,

I had to walk away.

We were both at fault here,

And I'm glad we aren't blaming each other.

Cause I wanted to have those good memories,

And I'll look back fondly on what we had.


Can't hold back these tears no more,

I cry, I cry, I cry and I cry.

I've never had to do something so hard,

My glass heart is broken yet again,

But this time it's my own damn fault.

I couldn't endure the pain of unrequited love,

While staying friends, no, not again.

Thank you for understanding,

Why I did what I did.

The last thing that you said to me,

Was "I'll miss you"



I cry. I cry. I cry. I cry.

Can't hold back these tears.

The hardest thing I'll ever have to do,

Is turn and walk away from you.

Miscommunication, missed opportunities,

Miscalculations, we both fucked up.

It's no one's fault,

And maybe that makes it worse.


With or without me,

I thought of your happiness.

It wouldn't be right to myself through that pain,

And have you feeling guilty.

This was the best way, we both know,

This was the break was clean and mutual.


I broke my own glass heart cleanly,

By being honest and walking away.

You just want what's best for me,

And the feelings mutual.

I love you, but you know that.

You don't feel the same,

And I know that. I can respect that.

We both knew that I couldn't do it,

The risk outweighed the reward.

Cause experience taught me,

To rip the band aid off all at once.


The hardest thing that I'll ever have to do,

Is walk away from you.

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