The Storm of Heartbreak

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The fallout of a relationship where the guy lies to the girl and she's left in pieces and turns to her friend for help. The whole thing takes place from the perspective of her friend. Also, this is the first piece with a new style I've been playing around with, so it's a little rough.

Submitted: September 03, 2015

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Submitted: September 03, 2015



The rain starts to fall slow, much like pain

Gains in strength as time goes on.

The tears stream from your eyes like waterfalls,

Real eyes can see real lies,

And now you’ve finally realized,

He ain’t no good for you honey,

I never gave a damn if he was funny.

He cut your chest open and ripped your heart out,

And he left you to bleed out!

You called me up to pour your emotions out,

Of course I was already making motions,

To come see you in person if necessary,

Just so you don’t something you regret.

You tell me that you feel crushed,

Disgusted and now you’re full of distrust,

Angel Dust all up in your nostrils to deal with the pain.

You feel like you’ve been shocked by one thousand eel,

Peel back all your layers and show me your insides.

I want to help you try to feel alive again,

I want to see you heal,

And become whole again.

I know it hurts because he lied to you,

And now you feel like you can’t trust anyone.

Hell at first you didn’t wanna get close to me,

But you quickly became engrossed.

Come here and sit right next to me,

And just let the tears fall like waterfalls.

Pop a couple beers,

If that’s what you wanna do.

I brought you ice cream,

Thought it might help.


You were basically in love,

Shove all your feelings onto me,

Dispose of any pain you’re feeling.

I know I’m never gonna know the full story

Ornery, I am not.

Never could I stay mad at you,

Weather through this storm, you’re strong enough.

Remember that he was the aggressor,

Sever all ties with him right now.

Don’t ever text him back,

And if I catch you doing it,

I’m gonna break your phone.

It was a mistake,

This ain’t your fault.

How the fuck was you supposed to know,

This man has posed,

As a sheep,

When he was really a fucking wolf.

I’m gonna stay up with you all night long,

Until you pass out or go to sleep out of,

Sadness or anger, whichever comes first,

Coerced into a relationship with a fucking liar,

Burst into tears if that will make you feel better.


You ask me if I feel my whole body crushed,

Smushed under the weight of the earth,

I tell you I do, I feel like fucking Atlas most days,

Ways of coping aren’t my strong suit.

But Imma do everything in my power to help you,

Even if I have to scour,

To the ends of the fucking earth to find the answers you desire,

Everytime you look into my eyes you see the fire,

Eternally burning because that’s how dedicated I am.


Now my friend go and get some rest,

You’re gonna need it to get over this pest,

Guess I was correct to assume this guy was bad news

Bruised and battered and drowning in booze,

I’ll pick up your pieces and help you rebuild yourself.

And maybe in the future you can trust again,

I got your back as we work through this pain.

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