The Sun Will Rise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Probably the most direct anti-suicide and anti-self harm piece I've ever written. Basically, the sun is going to rise tomorrow 100%, there's no dispute about that. You should be here to see it, cause sun rises are quite beautiful.

(The probability of the sun rising is 1.00, basically 100%. 

mean, the sun rises without fail every single day.

The statistical probability of the sun NOT rising, is a number so small,

That you would die long before you finished writing it.

It’s a number so small,

That it’s difficult to even comprehend just how small it is.)

I never thought in a million years I’d be here,

Sitting in the dark contemplating all these years.

It’s been about ten now if I’m correct,

How many of those days have I been affected?

I feel as though god has it out for me,

Why the fuck can’t you just let me be?

I’m feeling the pressure weighing down on me,

The only thing I know how to do is flee.

I’m running from my problems even if my body dies out,

Sometimes I enter a period of creative drought.

It’s probably because I’m tired of running,

It’s about time I turn around and start stunning,

I’m being chased by a monster named depression,

And I’m going to fight it out of pure aggression.

(A day when the sun doesn’t rise,

Would be a day that is unlikely to happen, at all.

As I’ve said before, the statistical probability of something like that happening,

Is basically non existent.

The sun will still rise tomorrow,

Like every other day.

Tomorrow, is a brand new day.)


Now I’m sitting here cutting up again,

Never thought I’d see the day i have a blade instead of a pen.

You can see the depression,

Clear as day in my facial expression,

My emotions are victims of severe suppression,

It’s like cutting crosses on me is my obsession.

I get excited by the sight of my own blood,

Let it rush out of me faster than a fucking flood.

There’s no reason for me to feel this bad,

Relax, i’m only bleeding just a tad.

Looks like tomorrow is a new day,

Hey ho more bloody band aids, yay.

I clean up and try to get some sleep,

And try not to just lie there and weep.

(A lot of people have issues,

Problems that feel so immense, it feels like they never end.

People forget that no matter how bad it is,

The sun is always statistically going to rise the next day,

Signaling the start of a new day, a new opportunity.

Tomorrow is a brand new day,

Make sure you’re there to see it.)


My tanks almost empty,

All of my feelings are still weighing heavy.

I went to bed last night still bleeding,

I woke up today in pain creaking.

My bones are old and weathered,

Beaten down but tough like leather.

I didn’t back down last night,

I stayed alive until the first light,

I think everything is gonna be alright.

No matter what happens it’s a new day,

That’s twenty four more hours to try and break away,

From the grasps of my depression,

I’m gonna take up a policy of non aggression.

I’m throwing away all my fucking blades,

They’ll be as rare as the ace of spades.

I think today is going to be pretty fun,

I woke greeted by the rising sun.


(It’s very simple,

When you look at it mathematically.

Statistically, the rising sun is going to be here tomorrow.

Question is, are you going to be?

You should be.

Always give yourself one more day, at the very least.

Who knows, maybe the rising sun will give you life by itself.

Or maybe something amazing will happen.

One more time, for elaboration,

The rising sun will be there to smile upon you tomorrow.

Question is, will you be there to greet it back?

I Hope that the answer is yes.)

Submitted: September 29, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Melancholic Wisdom. All rights reserved.

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