Dream 8

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A short excerpt from a thought I had. Also forgive me with the grammar mistakes on this. Tell me honest feedback if you have any!

Submitted: December 14, 2013

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Submitted: December 14, 2013



  Standing outside an old vintage store waiting for an eldery Holy Sister named Rosemary, wears a typical black robe. Who I've spent 7 months with and she was about to take me back to my hometown on Christmas Eve. It was a snowy night when we departed to the road. Heavy fog was in the road we could barely see in front of us with the lights.


  Rosemary looked concern about something and broke into a solitary trail at the side of regular road. Her speeding increase faster as we went futher into the trail and I noticed at the side of the mirror, 2 black cars were behind us catching speed as well. Rosemary said "Don't worry this shortcut will help us reach the base faster." I wanted to ask her if those cars are the "Ones" but stayed quiet because even if she told me I wouldn't understand. Rosemary let go with one hand of the steering wheel and reach down then pulled out a revolver, rolled down the window and stretched out her arm. "Bang Bang" Gun shots are going off and I was begining to feel paranoid. One of people in the black cars got his upper body out of the window with an assault rifle and started shooting back at us. He was wearing a mask with a plain white shirt. Rosemary said to me "Kid, Drive this car for a bit I got this." I jumped into the driver's seat. I grab both my hands tightly to the wheel and looked out for any rocks or any other objects that may makes us crash. Rosemary got in the back seat opened a brown dark box and pulled out an Ak-47 and started loading it with a fresh clip. I started to get a heavy feeling in my stomach suddenly. I cried to Rosemary "I"m not a kid so don't worry about me driving. I can drive fine! Just make sure you can get rid of them!!" I was trying to catch my breath. Rosemary showed a smirk and open the hatch to the car's roof.


  She lean on the roof and started spraying the Ak-47 so fast almost like a rapid fire gun. She manages to hit a tire of one of the black cars. The car stopped and the one left kept chasing us. The black car pulled out a big sniper rifle with the guy who used the assault rifle earlier. He shot it once and it sounded like an explosion. Shocked me and shiver in fear that it may stop us. Rosemary gets back inside and gets a grenade. I thought she was a 1 man army in a single car. Throws the grenade and it misses but leaves rocks flying all around and couldn't keep control over the car then it balances it out a few moments later.


  Black car still chasing us then I see a train tracks and head straight for it. All I see is white snow covering the tracks and see a faint light ahead then my intuition told me it was a train and dodge it barely. I hear more small explosions and few more gun shots. Moments later we hear a huge explosion and it was the black car who didn't saw it earlier. Rosemary gets back in the car and closes the hatch I tilted my head a little and I see Rosemary's elbow with a gun shot wound which blew up most of her elbow and couldn't keep her arm straight. I knew her arm will not be able to be safed. I was worried and she insisted to keep going and not to worry about her. As the tracks went up and down there was more trains coming from the noise they was making far away and it was second nature to me to dodge them.


  We took a right trail and I see a "futuristic" base with huge boxes wired like telephone poles across the nearby mountains.There was a cliff in the base and Rosemary said "Full speed ahead in the cliff". I had an uneasy feeling about the cliff it seem old and rusty. My stomach felt like it was falling when the car jump across to the base. We landed in a "Boxed" container. Rosemary got out the car and while holding her injured arm blood dripped as she sruggled to make it across the box room. I help her and asked me to take out the ticket in her right pocket. Rosemary said "Type the code on the ticket on the keypad in the wall." I typed the number and the box started to be lifted and as I look to the horizon thinking I went through all that just to go home? Rosemary pointed with her finger the direction of the destination we are headed for. Her elbow only had a little skin and tissue holding her arm til it detached and fell down. She said "It's okay it's nothing."


  2 hours passed and I saw trees and lakes around, It looks so tranquil and wonder if any people lived there. Suddenly the wires stop working and the box comes crashing down to the ground and I with fear closed my eyes and left it to luck. Then the box open the bottom hatch and dropped us there in a trail. As I open my eyes all I see is snow flakes coming down. The big box was returning where it came from. I was so in the moment I forgot about Rosemary and searched for her in the car and nearby but couldn't find her. I was getting a heavy feel in the stomach with anguish and guilt at the same time. I looked up in the sky with the falling snow flakes and I begin to remember some memories I had with Sister Rosemary. How she always looked out for me and wanted the best she can do for me. Then as I look in the ground I'm in my knees and hands to the ground and I see water coming out of my eyes. I was questioning myself. Is she missing? Did she died? She left me? Where did she went? Was she ever there with me to begin with? I remember the day she asked me to follow her since I was alone. She even told me that she wanted to go somewhere but she was getting old and wasn't in her prime. Rosemary wanted to visit "MW" aka "Middle World". But she couldn't go since she was being weaken by her age. I even remember asking her why she became a Holy Sister. She didn't respond to that. She said that she won't die but will turn invisible. I couldn't comprehend that answer she told me so I shrug it off. Until one day we was in the car and a car was pumping out a lot of smoke from its muffler. Rosemary told me "We are like smoke Jake. We only lived for such a small amount of time just like how smoke can only be seen for a few moments then it vanishes into the air like it's invisible. We are like that in a way, we joined the invisible after death. But we don't disappear, we are in the sky, heavens, even space itself. It may be faint but we are there."


  I woke up from my bed. The pillow was wet but wasn't surprised because my eyes were crying from that dream. I showered and got ready for another day in MW... 

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