Viva la Vida

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this is in parts on philosophy death

Submitted: June 27, 2009

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Submitted: June 27, 2009




The End...

of life,

memories .

Death and all his friends...

Nilhilism: The reason for no reason as nothing is of worth for nothing is nothing.

Sacrifice: Loss to protect & gain.

Loneliness: Alone for all eternity.

Intoxication: To be consumed by the infinite forces and energy of the world.

Destruction: The path of war, pain, blood and ultimate chaos.

Despair: Seep into sorrow, mourn in melancholia, sink into sadness as despair devours you.

Rage: Let the hatred consume your every thoughts, let there be no reason and may the hatred lead to the wrath of death.

Greed: Let me have more, more, more...more!

Madness: Drive you to delusion, causes the crazy, see the senile, unstabalize the unstable as you wish for the end.

The oldest companion of death & also the companion of life,

Old Age reffered as the unstopable force of TIME...for no one can escape the unstoppable force of time for everyone, even Immortal must meet an end.

Although there is hidden friend of Death... Fear: May terror strike your heart as you are plagued my phobos and panic. Scream, cry & wail in torment.

Death: Our friend & our enemy,

Beware the Friends of Death.

Though Stand up to Death & his friends; not fight but stand against death, for only then can you embrace Death with open arms.

The End

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