Hello Sweet Starlight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Go outside tonight. The stars are waiting for you.

Hello sweet star light

I see you’re finally here

Did you have a nice flight

Traveling all those light years?

I’m thrilled to be here to greet you

And welcome you to Earth

From a star far away

That faded before my birth

And I am filled with wonder

As I am filled with delight

As I ponder your mysteries in slumber

On this warm and special night

Submitted: July 29, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Melanie Culver. All rights reserved.

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H. Adams

Geez, you're so good at writing with such happy thoughts. It's a wonderful break from the harshness of life. Lovely job as usual, Melanie! You get bonus points for this one because it's about stars and I love stars :)

Wed, July 29th, 2015 6:58am


Thank you so much! I love the stars too. My brother has a telescope that I borrow and I love to stargaze!!

Wed, July 29th, 2015 1:00am


I like the rhythm of the poem. So warm. Just think, there may be lift orbiting that star thinking about us!

Wed, July 29th, 2015 11:56am


I often wonder too if there's someone out there looking at our own sun and becoming inspired. I hope so!! Thank you so much, Bruce for your sweet comments.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 10:49pm


Just simply beautiful Mel. I love the stars, the moon and the night, and this just described how beautiful and ethereal that moment is. The rhyming with its lushness just melts any icebergs in a starry eyed ocean and makes it fireworks in the sky. So much warmth and passion here, and a kinda love that is positive that it rises above all. You write such beautiful words, and you are the rose in every field of dreams.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 2:18pm


Thank you so much. This was one of the most beautiful reviews I've ever received. Your comments are poetry in and of itself and is so awesome. I can't thank you enough for your always so sweet kindness and support of my poetry.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 10:53pm


Anything to do with starlight always reminds me of my favorite rhyme from when I was a nipper. This one will have to go straight to our wall of positivity ;)
Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
Wish I may, wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.
Or something like that lol
I could imagine you lying there, staring up at a lone star with a smile and a look of wonderment ")
Yes, imagine the stories this star could tell.
A star that may have faded before you were born. A dreamy way to start dreaming ;) star gazing ")

Wed, July 29th, 2015 10:09pm


I remember that Starlight poem from when I was a kid and you have it exactly right. I've always been inspired and fascinated by the night sky ever since I was little when I would just sit back in a reclining lawn chair outside under a clear night and just stare at the sky for hours. I still go out and look up in the sky today and I'm still amazed! Thank you so much for helping me to remember those happy memories from my childhood.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 10:58pm

Tylers conscience

Got that rhythm about that subject that I love so much. The beginning is my favorite.

Thu, July 30th, 2015 12:15am


Thank you so much. I love the beginning too!

Wed, July 29th, 2015 10:59pm

Ally Shark

I love the concept of stars in poetry; they're a versatile and interesting subject. I also like how happy this is. Sometimes, happy literature can be an escape from an unhappy world. The rhyme and overall flow are also nice. :) Like from moi.

Thu, July 30th, 2015 2:31am


Thank you so much, Ally. You're right about positive literature. I read a saying on a t-shirt once that said, "Books won't always make you happy, but it's a good place to start." I think that's so true.

Wed, July 29th, 2015 11:02pm

Jeff Bezaire

What a magical poem. You capture the vastness of space, the joy of imagination, the wonder of possibilities, and the sweetness of innocence. I really like the cheeriness. My work is steeped in darkness, and a lot of the stuff I read on here is also pretty dark. This is a wonderful change. Thank you. :)

Thu, July 30th, 2015 9:20pm


Thank you so much, Jeff for your so sweet comments. I'm happy you enjoyed my poem.

Tue, August 4th, 2015 11:40pm

James Scott

The night has always brought on such a sense of nostalgia for me. Almost a happy/sad. The day is done and tomorrow is a mystery. It's always felt like a sort of purgatory for me as life resets itself. The positive vibes and the human sense you instil on the evening is inspirational to the point where it makes me want to take another look at the stars.
I enjoyed this!
-James Scott

Sat, August 1st, 2015 1:59am


Thank you so much, Scott! I'm thrilled that you found inspiration in my poem. Please do go out and take another look at the stars. I always find lots of inspiration whenever I go out to gaze up at the night sky!

Tue, August 4th, 2015 11:45pm

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