Forgettable Memories

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My version on the tragic death of Luna's mother, Mrs.Lovegood. "That's because you, are you"

Drama & Tragedy

Submitted: June 08, 2013

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Submitted: June 08, 2013



\"Why can't I be like the others?\" she asked her mother. \"Everyone is different Luna, and that's why you, are you.\" replied her mother, smiling. Luna didn't have much confidence in herself, especially at the age of nine years old. She had been going through some changes, and her mother worried about her sometimes. Luna was always asking why she wasn't normal, to which her mother kept telling her the same thing; each person is different, that's how nature created us. The young girl didn't quite listen to her mother's wise words, until the day she had to say her goodbyes. It had all started on October third, a Sunday afternoon. Her mother had been trying to find new spells for the ministry. The more spells she could find, the more money she received. After hours of headache making research, she finally found a phrase and movements to bring back memories that one could forget with time. She had stood up and had her wand ready for the sequence of movements and the order of the words. Her wand swished through the air, quickly to left, up and towards the temple, at the same time she had pronounced the words. Only when the rosewood touched her temple did she realize she had done something horribly wrong. She felt a surcharge of electricity pass from her feet up to her arm and into her wand. She was seeing flashes of memories she could never remember, like when she was a baby, or in her teen years creating hexes for her hated school mates. It was as if her life was flashing through her mind. And then she saw it, the moment present, her daughter screaming and her husband rushing up the stairs. Her vision was going white, her eyes rolling back, her body so weak she crumbled to the ground. She could barely breathe, as if her lungs where caving in on themselves. So weak, so far from life, as if everything was unreachable. And then she lay there, on the cold oak wood, gone from life, gone from whatever she could not reach anymore.

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