Timent Messor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story turned novel.

Table of Contents

Timent Messor

A short story turned novel. Basically about a small 'family' of vampires and the tragedy that tears them apart. Read Chapter

Áed quickly walked down the stairs. The velvet cloak that was flung over his shoulders brushed the back of his heel softly. He looked ar... Read Chapter

  Two hours later they were walking up the stairs of a glorious opera building that had once been a 16th century church. The bel... Read Chapter

  Áed wasn’t aware of how long he had fed on the women, but when her heart began to flutter his head was suddenly yanked back... Read Chapter

Ana smiled sweetly while they danced, hiding her disgust with practiced skill. She’d done this many times before, yet it was still her ... Read Chapter

  Áed smiled happily as the young women pulled him through the crowd. He found her interesting, a lovely change from the boring... Read Chapter

  Áed heaved a sigh as Llyr ushered him into their manor. His brother had talked incessantly on the ride home. His topic of cho... Read Chapter

  Ana sighed as she looked through her dresses trying to find a dress to wear on her hunt, she couldn’t find anything that wou... Read Chapter