The Heiress Bride

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(Completed) Adopted at a young age, Melanie Cartwright couldn't remember anything about her biological family. Her adoptive mother was a loving woman, but their lives were hard. However, things take a change for the better when she's 20 years old.

Her grandfather, a business tycoon who owned the largest music company in the United States, finally made contact with her and arranged for her to live with him. When she first moved in, she didn't realize that she would be sharing the mansion with three attractive guys. After getting to know the three, things seemed perfect...that is, until things start to get a little weird and suspicious.

Are things really always what they seem? Or are there some people who will do anything for fame?

Based off of Romantic Princess.

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The Heiress Bride

Submitted: June 16, 2010

When Melanie Cartwright was a young girl, her parents died in a tragic car accident. She was adopted by a loving woman when she was only three years old.

Since then, she was cut off from her biological family and had no idea where she came from. Melanie constantly yearned for a better life while growing up because she was living from paycheck to paycheck.

Little did she know that her grandfather was actually a business tycoon who owned the largest music company in the United States! He finally made contact with her when she turned 20 and arranged for her to live with him.

When she moved in, she didn't realize that she would be sharing the mansion with three attractive guys. She finds out that one of them will be chosen to take over her grandfather's buisness, and she will be arranged to marry him. Will she be able to survive the pressure of this new lifestyle? Or will she decide to accept her old one? Read Chapter

Submitted: June 18, 2010

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Submitted: June 20, 2010

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Submitted: October 04, 2011

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