The School Auditorium

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Submitted: April 15, 2016

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Submitted: April 15, 2016



The school auditorium, that’s where he was now, seated all alone in the front row, the rest of the place empty. Only the spotlights were on, casting shadows behind the various sizes of black wooded boxes; props that always remained on stage. The girl smiled recalling fond memories lounging upon these boxes with her friends, friends she didn’t speak to anymore. But, for the moment at least, he was here, and as the girl padded closer towards him, she could see the familiar faded forest green hoodie he always wore, baggy jeans that were in style, and grey Vans. He didn’t even look up when she sat in the seat right next to him, or when she slouched down in her seat to rest her head upon his shoulder. For a moment they sat in silence staring at a stage that held no show, just black wooden boxes and a black back-drop. The girl exhaled. “This is when everything began for me, this is when I came in to my own.” She could hear his smirk as he breathed.

“Really? How so?” The girl’s gaze drifted over the stage floor. There were a few spilled piles of glitter all over, making a sporadic sparkle.

“I started smoking, I was stoned all the time. And things in my head just started to click; like endless revelations about life, about myself, about the way everything had a place. And then boys started noticing me, probably from the way I dressed. I had my own style. I switched out my shitty friends for better ones that were true blue. But I started cruising with you, and…you kinda un-did me a little.  I don’t know…” She had trailed off, it was almost as if the girl was really there, in this empty auditorium, with this boy that had such an impact on her life. All these years had past and she still dwelled on the thought of him and he probably had no idea. Reality kicked in for a second.

“I heard you might be in jail, dude.” The boy scoffed.

“Yeah, go Google.” The girl smiled.

“You were always doing stupid shit.”

“Well if my landlord didn’t want me growing over 100 pot plants in the yard, he should have told me before I did that.” He was laughing, of course he was.

“So. Dumb,” she said, and then her smile faded. Staring at the stage, she asked him the question that had been gnawing at her heart all of these years. “Did you… Did you really love me, I mean at any point, was there ever anything deeper then… did I mean anything to you?” He turned his head, his chin brushing the top of her brown hair.

“You ask me as if I’m really here, Babe. As if we’re really 16 again, sitting in this dank place at this stupid school and the bell is about to ring. You know we’re not really here, Sweets” She wanted to cry, she wanted to bury her face into the sleeve of his hoodie and scream. So much time, so much energy she had wasted on this boy, this kid whom apparently, she had realized a little too late, barley gave her a second thought. He gave me nothing, she thought. Well, almost nothing. “You provided my taste in music.”

“What?” Smirking again. The girl shook her head.

“All those late night drives, they were probably nothing to you, but they changed me. You played Atmosphere, Tribe called quest, so many others. When I heard Gangstarr for the first time in your car, I felt like someone understood me, like this sound was tailor made to please only me. I got chills with the music you played. It was as if the universe wanted me to hear exactly what my mind was trying to convey, not all the lyrics, but the beats and melodies, I just, it was like the stars a lined in my soul, it was like finding a long lost friend. And then it became like a gateway drug. The sound became everything to me, it was the hand I held, always there when I needed it. You don’t know how much music made me who I am. You provided the soundtrack of my life.” She breathed in deeply and exhaled her regrets.

“Despite the misery you caused me, Ill always be grateful for that.” She felt him nestle the top of her head.

“You were always so weird,” he said into her hair. She scoffed.

“And you, boy, were always so dumb.”

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