I miss my friend

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Submitted: April 16, 2008

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Submitted: April 16, 2008



I miss my best friend. She had the nerve to move 2000 miles away, to a place I’ve always wanted to live, doing what I’ve always wanted to at least try to do. To say I’m jealous is putting it mildly. Still, I miss her. I bombard her with emails, demanding details, and sometimes she complies. Bliss! Mostly she doesn’t. I like to think its because she’s selfish, she wants to keep all that Texas ranching to herself. The truth is though she’s just busy. Ranch life isn’t like normal life. You can’t put off the feeding until tomorrow. The branding and the vaccinations have to be done at such and such a time, no excuses.
The last time I saw her was through a veil of barely contained tears. She was going back to Texas, and I was getting left, again. I felt the separation deep in my bones. I’m not ashamed to admit I was physically sick. Have you ever felt that deeply connected to someone that separation actually hurt?
The thing is, as close as I feel we are, we’ve never actually done anything but sit around my table smoking, and riding in a car together. We never got a chance to do the normal girly things like shopping together, or going to the movies. Most of our relationship has been phone and email. But I feel closer to her then to anyone I’m not related to.

She’s my best friend, and I miss her.

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