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It’s about how I think.

Submitted: November 09, 2012

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Submitted: November 09, 2012




I like thinking about stuff no one else does.
I like giving myself headaches 
and not completely ever understanding what i think. 
I love it whenI let someone see part of what goes on in my mind, 
and no one understands me 

It’s normal.
I’m called stupid.
But it’s not like that. 
I’m just thinking complicated
I can’t help it.

It’s just crazy and mindless 
it’s more mindful. 
Full of the wonders around me.

taking them all in, and even confusing myself. 
I love it, thinking about breathing,
I love thinking. 
I think about why I did stuff.

I look back at laugh at myself.
I look back and kick myself…
I shouldn’t have done that.
said that.

Maybe you don’t think as much as I do,

but when does that make me weird
It’s called being unique. 
I’m me. This is me. 
No changing. I’m unique.  

© Copyright 2017 Melissa Rose. All rights reserved.

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