The Morality of a Man

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In The Morality of a Man, Lewis’s ultimate desire is to be a free man. But due to his distorted and confining belief system along with the betrayal by someone dear to him, he is left only the room between the cold walls of his prison cell to roam about during his last day on Death Row.

Submitted: October 22, 2010

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Submitted: October 22, 2010



ext. dirt road of small town - day

LEWIS, 10, is the conscience of the two but rarely speaks up, wears dirty overalls and no shoes. SAM, 10, is a bit mischievous in the process of having fun, he is sharply dressed. They hide behind some bushes and throw rocks at  passing cars. Lewis stops and looks at Sam.


You sure we shoul be doin this?

Sam continues throwing rocks.


C'mon, we're jus havin some fun. No ones gonna catch us.

Sam chucks another rock that hits the roof of a car. The man inside the car yells something.

Lewis and Sam cheer.

P.O.V. Lewis and Sam: The car turns around and heads back toward them.

End P.O.V.

They look at each other wide-eyed.


Ah! Let's go! Follow me!

They run through some trees and hide in a dry river bed.

MAN (0.s.)

Hey you little hoolagins!

o.s. Footsteps get closer until they are almost directly above Lewis and Sam.

They silence themselves.


(to himself)

Little fucks...

o.s. Footsteps move farther away.Car drives off.

Lewis and Sam keel over with laughter for some time.


(through laughter)

Did you see the look on his face?

sam's dad (o.s.)

Sam. Lewis.

They look up to see SAM'S DAD, 39, a stern police officer, peering down at them.

int. police car/ext. poor neighborhood - day

They drive up to Lewis's house where his mother is standing on the porch, arms folded.


Bye Sam.

Sam continues to stare straight ahead.

Lewis gets out of the car and enters his house, his mother following right behind.

They begin to drive.


You're not to see him anymore.Understand?

Sam lowers his head.

fade out

Int. empty jail Block - day

The jail is still.

int. jail cell - day

LEWIS, 57, underweight and wears orange jump suit and shackles, sits on bed and picks at a plate filled with delicious FOOD.

A GUARD #1 stands on the outside of his cell with his back to Lewis.


How the hell you suppos' to enjoy your last meal when you know it's your last?

Puts down fork.


All I want is to see my mama.

Looks up at GUARD #1 stands on the outside of cell.

Guard # 1 does not turn around.

guard #1

Your mama doesn't want to see you.

Looks back to food.




She used to. Then she start believin' those lies you tell her.


Wasn't a lie.

Lewis stands abruptly, knocks plate of food to ground. he sprints to the iron bars brings his face as close as he can to the back of Guard #1's head


(dark and low)

See, you lyin' more. Every time yo mouth moves you lyin'.


Then why are you in there and I'm out here?

Smash Cut Black and White: Ext. Alley Way - night

cheap old car rocks back and forth.

continuous :int. Back seat cAR - NIGHT

Lifeless FOOT moving up and down.

The back of Guard #1 is seen thrusting over a body.

o.s. mumbled singing.

b.g. Lewis stumbles towards car and smokes cigarette.

Guard #1 stops, lowers down behind seat.

Guard #1 peers up to watch Lewis.

Lifeless FACE of MONA, 19, blond, beautiful.

P.O.V. Guard #1 : Lewis stumbles past car takes no notice.

int. Jail cell (cont)

Lewis looks to floor.


I'm guessin' I'm here 'cause (beat) bad luck, or 'cause I ain't never been too smart. When my mama let me go to school I didn't never pass.

Sits back down on bed.

Lewis takes  deck of cards from under mattress and shuffles.

Guard #1 looks as if to scold but decides not to.

Lewis deals CARDS in game of Solitaire.


LEWIS (v.o.)

I ain't sayin' I'm perfect or nothin'. Maybe I should be here. I done my deeds. I'd kill a man if I had to.

 - INT. UPSCALE HOUSE - NIGHT: Lewis takes money from drawer and hides under coat.

 - EXT. STREET CORNER - NIGHT: Exchanges money and drugs.

 - INT. TRAILER HOUSE - NIGHT: chugs whiskey and smashes bottle.

end montage

Lewis (Contd)

But I didn't kill that pretty little blond girl. And I sure as hell didn't do those things to her after the fact. That darn right devil's work. After I told 'em I didn't do it they ask me, 'If I didn't do it, who did?'. I tell 'em, 'How the hell I'm suppos' to know if they don't even know'. Ain't no point in tellin' them it was you.

Guard #1 spins around and grasps iron rods of the cell, eyes wide.


(loudly whispers)

What are you sayin' Lewis? H-How did-


I saw ya.

flashback : Alley way- night


I was walkin' home from the bar and I saw you. Thought you were makin' love so I pretend I didt see nothin.

Lewis turns the corner into an alley way.

P.O.V. Lewis: The cheap old car rocks as the upper body of Guard #1 is shown through the window. End P.O.V.

Lewis smiles slightly,  walks by and diverts attention away from car.



Then when they took me in they tell me where the body was. Like I said, I ain't too smart but I can 'least put two and two together.

Guard #1 furrows his brows.



W- why...Why didn't you say anything?


Same reason I didn say nothin' when you hit that man's car with that rock, an everyone tho'd it was me who thrown it.


You got more goin fo' you, always have. You an officer, must mean you a good man.


-Lewis's CIGARETTE drops.

-police surround car with Mona's body inside.

-Sam points investigators to cigarette butt.

-cigarette butt is confiscated and used as evidence.


PAUL, 46, enters with GUARD 2 and opens door.


Lets go.


Hey, jus' let me use the john first.


(whispering to Paul)

Let him.

Paul motions to go.

Lewis urinates.


So (beat)they sayin' Ima monster, but I tell you, I wasn't no monster till they put me here. This place'll turn any good man into a monster.

Lewis fixes zipper.

Sam's hands shake as he handcuffs Lewis.

cut to: int. Jail block - day

Sam and Guard #2 and Paul lead Lewis down hall.


(to Sam)

I guess I ain't 'fraid of dyin' anymore though. It happen sooner or later. Bein' stuck in here, hopin' I go to the good place, sooner the better.

cut to: Int. Execution room - day

Paul sits Lewis in chair and straps him in.

b.g. Guard #2 holds helmet.


I just wish I coulda seen my mama.

Series of shots:

-helmet on.

-Sam's EYES shut.

*SAM FLASHBACK: Sam and Lewis laugh as children in the river bed. END FLASHBACK

-Lewis's EYES

*LEWIS FLASHBACK: Lewis, as a child, runs into the arms of his mother. END FLASHBACK

- lever pulled.

The End

© Copyright 2017 Melissa Ross. All rights reserved.

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