Our Life How It Ends

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This poem is about our life span and how it ends.

Submitted: January 20, 2015

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Submitted: January 20, 2015



When we were born,

Everything seemed to be torn,

Not concerned of anything,

Just the day and night's sleeping.


When we went to school,

It seemed very cool,

To study whole day,

And enjoying the holidays after May.


When we became a teen,

We became very mean,

And with our parents we fought,

For a phone or an i-pod.


When we went for our job,

We bought a big car to show off,

After working for so many years,

It was just a holiday we wanted to hear.


When we became a parent,

Our children asked us for money to spend,

It was the time to sigh,

When our responsibilities were high.


When we became old,

'The time has come' was the thing we were told,

Our children fought with us,

For money which was a big fuss.


The day we died,

All just cried and cried,

We will be going to heaven or hell,

We didn't know but everything seemed very well.


This is our life,

Which shortens with the coming time. 

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