The Disguise is in the Eyes

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Just a quick, random short story. One word led to this mess.

Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Submitted: July 18, 2015



I wanted to write a story that would change people. It was my goal, my passion, but I never thought I’d be a part of that story. Before I knew it, it was all out of control.

Her face was beyond description. It was as if I could feel how cold her lifeless body was just by looking at it. It wasn’t what I expected when I walked into that garage. Nothing can do that smell justice. How had no one noticed? How had no one found her body? Of course, here I was, standing over it and I hadn’t even reached for my phone. As I did, I wondered if I would be blamed for this, but it didn’t matter, someone had to have seen me walk in here. It was broad daylight and I couldn’t just leave her there.


I was a bit more nervous than my usual anxious self, but being there was a dead body, I knew no one would notice. 


“Hi, my name is Detective Burken, I’m the lead detective on this case. This is my partner, Detective Florence.  Who are you and how did you come across the body?”


“I’m a journalist, well, I’m trying to be. My name is Mackenzie and I’m the assistant to an editor in the city. In my personal time, I was looking into all the murders happening recently. My co-worker, James, has been covering the stories and I was intrigued. I-“


“Okay, but how did that lead you here?”


Her tone, stance, look, and eyes made her seem incredibly assertive. It was attractive and off-putting all at the same time.


“One of James’ ‘helpers’, he called them, gave him an address he saw a couple of the women at a few days before each of them were killed. When the police went to the address, it was an abandoned building and there wasn’t any evidence of anything to do with the victims or the killer. When James and I went there last night, just to do our own looking around, I found a picture, here it is.”


“It’s of this garage. Why didn’t you guys turn it over to the police immediately?”


Detective Burken seemed rather annoyed, but I didn’t understand why.


“I wasn’t sure it meant anything and I didn’t show it to James. I wanted to check it out myself to see if there was a lead, I didn’t think it would bring me to this.”


“Did you touch anything or move anything around before we got here?”


Again, her tone and look sent something through my body. What was it about this woman? I never let myself get involved with women of power, especially law enforcement. Why her? Why now?


“No, I just stood there for a minute and called 911. I was shocked and I had never seen something like that in person before. I read the articles, I heard stories from James, but it’s’s just so surreal up close and personal.”


“Did you see anyone around? Did you ring the doorbell to see if anyone was home?”


“I didn’t see anyone and yes, I tried ringing the doorbell and knocking. I only came over to the garage because it was partially opened so I thought someone might be inside. When I opened it, I saw this.”


“Okay, thank you for your time. Here is my card, we have your contact information you gave the police officer when he arrived and will be calling if we have any more questions.”


It was as if she purposely beat him to the statement. He didn’t seem to notice, but I did. Maybe my interest wasn’t the only one peaked.


I tried harder than I have ever had to sleep that night. I’m not sure what was keeping me awake. Yes, a normal person would be haunted by the face of a dead woman, around my age, with her eyes gauged out, but it was more than that. I wanted answers and I kept thinking about the Detective. If that garage was somewhat opened, how did that smell not alert anyone in the neighborhood? The houses were fairly close together. Was she even into women? Her eyes followed me more than mine her and I liked it. Why did the Detective get so upset when I revealed I kept the picture overnight? I didn’t see what was so wrong about following up on it. How was someone supposed to know it would lead to a dead person? I tossed and turned all night, but eventually gave up and went to see if the story had been released yet. One constant in my life was reading stories I knew I would be able to portray the way they deserved to be.


I was just falling asleep around 6 A.M. when I heard an obnoxious pounding on my door. Either it was the police or an intruder because no one sane knocks like that without purpose.


“Hi Mackenzie, sorry to drop by like this, but I have a few follow up questions.”


I was sure she wasn’t sorry for dropping by. If I did spark her interest, she obviously wasn’t sorry. If she had more questions based solely on the case, she definitely wasn’t sorry.


“It’s okay, what can I help you with?”


“We ran the fingerprints found on the photo you gave us and were only able to come up with one set. Yours. Can you explain that?”


“No, I really can’t. I never showed it to anyone, except you guys, and it was on the floor when I found it. You don’t think I have anything to do with this, do you?”


“I don’t, but it raised some questions and I have to ask. Did you notice anything about the building you found it in? Signs of someone living there, having been there recently, or anything you wouldn’t expect for an abandoned building?”


“No, but I was only looking for signs of those women. I didn’t-“


“Wait, I remember there was a table with a chair and it was the only thing not dusty in the whole place. Also, there were bowls and forks in the sink.”


She seemed thoroughly disturbed for a quick moment, but then seemed to realize something.


“A sink? It was an abandoned warehouse used for-“


This time, I was able to cut her off, and I liked the evident surprise on her face.


“It wasn’t a normal sink, it was this white plastic thing I’ve only seen on TV. It was right near the window and completely out of place. Those were the only things in that whole room and it was large enough for much more.”


“We have a team going out there to take a look around again. Did you touch anything else they might find your prints on?”


“We only opened doors and walked around. Nothing else was touched and he was in another room when I saw the picture.”


“That brings me to my last question, why didn’t you show James the picture?”


“Detective, all I want is to become a journalist. I’ve been close so many times, but none of the stories have panned out. This one, well, it seemed to be doing just that and I didn’t see how handing over the one piece of something only I knew about would get me that. James is my friend and I respect him, but I figured this could lead somewhere and I wanted to be the one who found whatever it was it led to. I just didn’t figure it would be that. I still can’t get her face out of my head. How did no one find her until now?”


“Both neighbors were on vacation and there wasn’t any mail delivered to that address. No one even walked by apparently.”


“You don’t think this person will come after me now, do you? There isn’t a chance they know or saw me there?”


“We have no reason to suspect he was around at the time of your discovery, but I can place a protective detail outside your house for tonight if you think that might help? You look like you haven’t slept.”


“Thanks for that Detec-“


The way she smiled when she was able to cut me off, it sent chills down my spine. I needed closer to this woman. Her eyes were swallowing me whole and I wanted to know why.


“No, no, I didn’t mean it that way. You just don’t need to spend your time worrying about this. We are going to catch this guy.”


I couldn’t even respond to the notion that I wouldn’t have anything to worry about. How so? How many women had been killed recently? The number was at 11 now, I thought. How could you tell someone they were safe if you hadn’t caught the person responsible? I was too focused on one detail she seemed extremely sure about somehow.


“How do you know it’s a man?”


“Excuse me? What do you mean?”


“Well, you keep saying him or guy and I’m just curious. What has led you all to believe it’s a man?”


She seemed confused by my curiosity, but I thought it was a very valid question. Was there evidence that was leading them to someone in particular? Was there something they had found to make them think a man was doing all of this? Or was it pure speculation?


“Everything our people and our behavioral personnel has discovered has led everything to believe these crimes are being committed a male in his late 30’s with no medical experience.”

“Sorry for all the questions, but why that last part?”


“That detail hasn’t been released yet, so I can’t say, but your answers have really helped. Thank you. I’ll have that detail outside of your house within the hour. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’m off in a few hours, but my personal cell is on the back of the card I gave you yesterday.”


I called it. This would be easier than I thought. I just couldn’t figure out why I was even considering it.


It was a few hours after the few hours Detective Florence said she would be off before I decided to try something new. What’s the worst that could happen? Actually, that wasn’t a question I wanted to be asking or considering the answers to, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind.


“Hi, Detective Florence? This is Mackenzie. I’m sorry to bother you, but I wasn’t sure if I should call you or 911.”


“No, it’s okay, you’re not bothering me. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”


“Not exactly, well, I’m not entirely sure. I got a call from James and he sounded scared. He said to meet him at the abandoned building as soon as I could. I just got here and I can’t find him anywhere.”


“Why would you go there alone? You need to leave immediately. I’ll meet you back at your house and we can go from there.”


“No, I’m not leaving. You didn’t hear his voice, if something happened, I can’t just leave. I’ll just call the police.”


“Okay, just wait, I’ll be right there. No one is going to go out there based on a phone call and do anything thorough. Wait outside of the building and I’ll be there shortly.”


His phone was lying on the floor and there was no way I was going to chance being seen standing outside on the street in the middle of the night. I was already inside so why not take a look around, see if I missed anything.


It was only about 20 minutes before she arrived, but it was plenty of time to get more familiar with each of the rooms. So far, I had only taken interest in the one room with the table, but desperate times calls for different measures.


This didn’t make sense, nothing ever does, but this definitely didn’t. Nothing was adding up and that didn’t usually bother me, but in this case, she was someone so incredibly different. I felt crazed with feelings and lack of emotion. What made her so unique in my mind? What was causing me to be unable to look at her without immediately having a million thoughts attack me all at once? I could feel her presence before she even announced herself. I could sense her looking at me in my spine. I wanted to fall to my knees whenever confronted by her, but stood there not allowing myself to give it away. It hurt in the most pleasant of ways. I had encountered this before, but nothing to this extent. I wouldn’t even care if she were my last and that thought scared me more than any other. I couldn’t let this opportunity go.


I wasn’t proud of much in my life, but there were a few things I knew I was the best at. It made me happy to know not much had changed over time except certain concepts and techniques. One technique that never changed was the method of getting rid of what I loved most.


I liked how evident her surprise was when she was coming to and saw me standing over James’ two day old body. I especially enjoyed how evident her shock was when she saw the fork heading towards her extraordinary eyes and realized it would be the last thing she would see.


Walking away, I knew I was done. I had peaked. Nothing could get better than this one.



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