The Most Dangerous Game (Continuation)

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In my English class, I was told to make a continuation or a short story, "The Most Dangerous Game", by Richard Connell. I recieved a grade of 29/30, an A-. Tell me what you think.
The story's ending was pretty... Out there, like you have no clue what happens to the main charecter. Which is why my English teacher makes every freshman to a continuation of the story, telling how the main charecter gets away.

Submitted: September 26, 2010

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Submitted: September 26, 2010



The Most Dangerous Game (continuation)

By, Melissa W.

Raindsford had awoken to a peaceful morning. He had slept blissfully, unmoving like a rock. Memories of the past three days ran over in his head. If I had never of fallen off of the ship, I would never of had to go through all of this, Raindsford thought to himself, as he rose from the Master's bed.

Yes, if he had never of fallen off of the ship, never of dropped his pipe, never of stayed up later than Whitney, he would have never of gone through all of this. He would have never of met this crazy man--or men, if you include Ivan--and never would have run for his life. He could of stayed in his relatively cozy room in the yacht.

Funny how things change so quickly, he thought, rummaging through the drawers in General Zaroff's room. The man had tried to kill him, actually murder him, all because he was bored of hunting animals! How crazy!

Raindsford had pulled on some of the General's clothing. After a stop in the bathroom (boy, was he happy to see a toilet), he headed towards the door. His hand stopped short of the doorknob. Are they still out there, he thought to himself, the dogs have to be somewhere, right? He gripped the knife he had slipped into his pant's pocket, the same knife he stole off of Zaroff's belt during the fight, the same knife he used to end it all, to stab the General in the heart.

As he held the knife with one hand in his pocket, he opened the door with the other. There was no dogs waiting to rip out his throat, a good sign. He stepped into the long hallways, and looked over his mental-list of things-that-must-be-done.

One, he thought, locate the people Zaroff had stowed away in his basement. He thought that one over. Was it really safe to release such people, they could turn on him and kill him quickly. But, then again, they would certainly be grateful of being released. But being stuck on an island with them, for God knows how long... I'll have to think that one over.

Two, he numbered off in his head, Food. I need food. No point in starving myself while trying to find a way off of this island. He nodded to himself. He would skip one for now, and with that decision, he headed towards the dining hall. The kitchen should be fairly close, if not just a door away.

He continued to go over his mental-list in his head, while heading towards the kitchen.

Three, he thought, carefully trying to remember which door goes where, I need to shut off that lighthouse, that causes the people to end up here in the first place. It would do no help to destroy more ships--ships that could save him.he walked past the one doorframe he believed would lead to the kitchen, he was right. Find that electric lamp, and climb the lighthouse, that should be high enough up.he walked from the dininghall to the kitchen, and rummaged through the cabinets, he was successful in finding some bread and a variety of fruit. Somehow get rescued off of this cursed island by a passing ship, who will be willing to accept me aboard, and hopefully not brand me as a crazy person and kill me off the bat, because I just sailed--sailed? So now I have a ship? No, no, since I just swam--off of Ship-Trap Island. Yeah, that'll be simple and easy enough, right? Okay.After he had his plan planned out thoroughly, he decided to start taking action. He had grew enough courage to go look in the General's basement, and to his surprside, he saw... Nothing. No one. He lied, he concluded. Well, now he didn't have to worry about that.



He already completed step two, so now it was off to step three.

Raindsford had left the mansion-like house and soon found himself at the lighthouse. It wasn't that far away, and as he looked over the surroundings, he concluded that this was the best place to take step four and five in action. It had took Raindsford awhile to figure out how to shut off the lighthouse, but he had figured it out. He gave himself a pat-on-the-back in his head. He shut off the lighthouse, and was thankful it was still daylight out. He slowly walked back, taking his time, knowing that he'd have time to spear. Step five would have to wait until it was dark.

Once Raindsford made it to the mansion, he searched through Zaroff's bedroom, trying to locate the electric lamp. He was successful, though it had took him some time. Step four, complete.

He used the electric lamp to find his way back up to the light house. He strapped it onto his belt, and climbed the ladder. Once Raindsford made it up to the stand on the lighthouse, he got ready to start step five. He faced the open sea, and turned on the electric lamp. He took in a deep breath, and breathed out.

He turned off the lamp, then back on, left it on for a few seconds, then off, then on, then off and kept it off for a few seconds, then repeated the process in patterns. He remebered being taught this, it was like morse-code, but for boats.

Flicking on and off the light, creating morse code. For any captains out there, he knew that the captains would know what it means.

"H-E-L-P" He said in code, "N-O-C-H-A-N-N-E-L", he stated. "S-T-R-A-N-D-E-D-H-E-L-P-M-E". Raindsford repeated the process late into the night. To his surprise, he recieved a response from a ship he could hardly see. The first ship to pass by all evening.

"A-R-E-Y-O-U-F-I-N-E" The ship coded back to him, the little light flicking on and off through the mist from the sea.

"Y-E-S" Raindsford replied. "H-E-L-P-M-E"

"S-W-I-M-H-E-R-E" The ship replied.

"O-K-A-Y" Raindsford was happy and replieved. He found a ship out of here. He ran the faster than he had almost all his life, running towards the shore where he slept his first night. Wasting no time, he ran into the water, slipping on rocks and running some more. Eventually he found himself swimming towards the ship which, surprisingly, wasn't that far away. He swam for maybe five minutes before he saw someone throw a duey into the water. He grasped onto it as the men on the ship hoisted him onwards towards the ship.

Raindsford watched as he held onto the duey. He watched as he rose from the sea. He held onto the duey with all his strength.

Eventually, after which felt like years, Raindsford found himself on the Golden Maria, a merchant ship sailing odds-and-ends from one port to the other.

"Hello, sir." A tall, lean man with blonde slicked-back hair said, walking up to Raindsford. The man appeared to be in his early fifties. "I am Captain Wilk, pleasant to meet you." Captain Wilk raised out a hand. Raindsford shook it.

"Hello, Captain Wilk, I am Raindsford. Sanger Raindsford. Nice to meet you too, sir." Raindsford stood there, shaking in his trousers. It was freezing, especially after the swim here.

"Tell me, boy, why were you stranded there?" He said, quickly raising up his hand to stop Raindsford from saying anything, "First, lets get you some warm clothes and something warm to drink." He smiled.

Raindsford explained everything to Captain Wilk, recieving a few nods here-and-there. Captain Wilk agreed to sail him to the nearest Docking Port, what Raindsford would do from there, he had no clue. But he wasn't worried about that now. He was just happy to be off the island.

Now I just need to find another pipe, he thought, laying to rest for another night. He fell asleep to the comfortable rocking of the ship.

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