If I Can Choose To Be Anything?

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If you have one day or any day to be something what would you choose to be. We all have wish for things that is almost impossible sometimes who know.

Submitted: August 29, 2015

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Submitted: August 29, 2015



If I could be anything in this world.

Just any loving thing afterworld.

I want to be the rain.

That falls to you in your dream.

I want to know how you feel.

When I trickle down your cheek.

And your smile bloom to me.

How life and you are connected.

How you sad and laugh from day to day.

How you grieve from pain to pain.

I want you to be heal.

If I could be just anything.

I want to be an angel.

That make your pain goes away..

I want to cure your madness.

Where you stand low and above.

Where you fall struggle and helpless.

I want you to feel the love.

If I can be just anything from today

Just anything from this day.

I want to be your steps that you left behind.

I want to travel through your old time.

Where you grow from your own life.

How you begin your journey till the end.

 If I can just be anything for a moment.

I want you to be free from your cage.

And not feel concealment.

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