Love's Dreaming

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Melany was a 17 years old. she was so calm and cold, she did't like crowds and used to alone. since was young her dad taught her not to be close with boy because boys are bad. so, she started to hate every boy. she never let any boy close to her until teenage that made her look strange. one day, she has a classmate and he was a boy named Nicholas, he was very kind and humble. when everybody insulting melany. he's the only take care of melany.

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



Sun shining in the earth, and bird starting to sing melodious song. a girl wearing white uniform and black shoes ready to go to school, she look around with sharped black eyes, her hair was smooth, dark straight , and long. her lips are thin and look small with no single smile. but skin's scratched, she never use lotion to moustourate it. her face look always upset, she's always try to be strong of all the insulting. she walked her class slowly and show off her face, she sit in front of teacher's desk. Mostly called Freaky, Clumsy, Silencer and many strange name, but she is smart girl almost teacher know her because she always got the forst rank in every years. Her name is Melany, she is 17 years old, study at level 2 High School of StampoolLand.

Today is the first class of history, the teacher come and look around to count the student present. the student all quiet and preparing the note of the lesson. the teacher eyes point to the boy who smie while looking at the window. spontanously, the teacher throw a chalk into the boy's face. the boy was surprized, and look into the teacher but only flying a little laughing.

"what's you see boy? is there anything funny!" said the teacher

"nothing, sir."

"so why you laughing at me? what's your name?" said the teacher while writting on his own book

"my name is David, My friend used to call me Dave, but my momma called me Divi, and my................"

"and i will call you Duck! who ask you about who calling your name?"

everybody is laughing out out that make the class become very noisy. David doesn't look ashamed, even proud of his act.

"stop laughing everyone!!! now give me your task, let me see your assigment." said the teacher while come closer to David desk

"what's task sir, you haven't tell us yet?"

the teacher look in to Melany who still writting something.

"Melly." the teacher called

"uhmm.. yes sir?" said Melany shocked while look at the behind

"i told last time to resume the American Revolution right?"

Melany look around the class, and point to David's face. He shakedhead makes command not to tell the teacher about the task. Because of afraid, Melany just silence and bowed. She tell the teacher that he has not tell about the task. David is saved.

This break time, Melany arrange her book into her bag and open her lunchbox. David reach her desk and sit next to her. Melany just bowed and doesn't speak with him. David look at her face, look so innocent and shy. He flying a little laughing but also doesn't say anything. They do that thing for few minutes.

"don't be shy with me Mel, i just want to say thank you for saving me." said david

"uhmm nevermind." said Melany flat face

knowing that David tease Melany, till she look so scared. Nicholas the leader of the class can't wait to take an action. He warn David not to tease the girl. as usual do, David just laughing at him and go leaving. Nicholas is so cool and humble, He is just look like a wise man. Every girl attracted to him, but he has not choose any girl to be his girlfriend.

Melany has two close Friend Ery and Olive, they always go home together. in the way home. they share everything about their daily activities. this day Ery and Olive look cheerfull, they attended at SwimClub of School extracuriler. But Melany look pale and unspirit.

"Mel, what happen, you look so down?" Ery asked,

"uhmmm nothing, i just recently thing about David, today he is thankfull to me and smiling unusual. I'm afraid he want to do something with me fortunately Nicky saved me at that time. ufhhhh he is so cool. but i'm afraid David will do this again next time." said melany sad

" wow.....that not bad thing, it's love syndrom might be?" said Olive

"arghhh...... no, it's just an accident for me. i don't think Nicky likes me instead, he does it to all over our class girl." Melany while agazing

"no Mel. i don't mean Nicky, i mean Dave, I ever browse in the google abour love syndrom, they tell about smiling unusual wihtout any reason..." said Olive happily

"shut up Olive! Dave is not like that boy, you know he is naughty and lazy boy, he is not very very compatible with Melly, i dont agree!" Ery shout

"hey you both don't fight, it's just my little accident this day that maek feel upset, i hope tomorrow wil be fine. i don't want this happen to me again." said Melany while exhaling long breath.

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