The Kingdom Of Ice Part 1: " Green Ice and The Witch "

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Green Ice is a princess who grow up by a Trees King named Alessander Brillian Trees. He loves Green Ice as his own daughter and loved more than the others. King Trees had three daughters named Gloria, Sunnia, and green ice. One day, when Green Ice get 10 years. she caught by a witch, and threw her into a hole with glutinous bubble. she couldn't reach out anything and fall down.

thanks for Aechojin,

because this story inspired by his dream at February 4th, 2013

a brief story of his dream,

he was a youth man want to build a house in the hills, but

he was worried because when he touched irons, it's burning and melted

but sudden some warrior passed him and told him not to build a house there, a majesty's need a knight to fight enemies

so he agrees and come to the palace, he was so wonder seeing a glamourous palace with ice pillar, when shine through it look like gold inside the pillars

the king knows that he has a power that burning and melting iron, so the king decide him as knight of fire

the king's starter to introduce himself and all the majesty's family

and when he saw the king's da

ughter he was attracted

her name is green ice

green ice is a very beautiful princess, her eyes is white gray, with whitepearl eyeshadow, and her lips is rosy like a rose, her hair is dark straight and long, she tied both part side of her hair and take it in the back. wearing a silky white gown.

when knight of fire want to go to war field, green ice gave him a jasmine that made from crystal of ice,

but strangely the ice jasmine was not melt, so he brought the ice jasmine to war

Long long time ago, In the Snowland there were an ethnic named Swanen. They were the only one who controled the climate of the world. They worked under Gods Of Water and the Gods of Sun, and all of Swanenblood were gifted a magical power. they have Polickbook with ancient magic code, and only Swanenblood can read and use the book, but the holybook will be harm if they use it to war and it turned into black. they also have a crystal called Filosper Stone to predict the worlds condition. one day, Luciqor the brother of Mager(Leader of Swanen) want to steal the the polisk and Filosper Stone to conguer the world. Gods Of Ice knowed Luciqor Plan. He turned himself into a guy and sneak in Swanen Palace. He warned Luciqor not be greedy, because he knowed that swannen is the wise people in the world. Luciqor got anger with that strange guy. he used magic to change strange guy into butterfly. and Luciqor steal the Filosper stone and Polickbook and hide it somewhere.

There were ladies job to grow up the ice flower, Lady Rossa (Princess Rose), Lady Aurore (Princess Jasmine), Lady Flora (princess orchid) when The butterflies fly into the flowers garden, and a Lady Aurore was attracted. She tries to follow the butterflies flying. the butterflies flying into the darkflorest next to the river. but suddenly the river into ice, and she walk out. when she looking for the butterflies, she saw a handsome guy and fall in love with him. the handsome guy gave her a kiss before he leaved and said, " take care of yourself, go somewhere to hide". Lady aurore was very surprized when he saw the handsome guy fly up above to sky. He told mager about her experience. Mager want to look the forecast for aurore, but he couldnot see the filosper stone so the poliskbook. know about that thing Luciqor saw the filosper stone, that he were in danger, because god already knows his plan, he see that god of ice is the strange guy and aurore had contact with him. not take long time, he told mager that aurore will bring them in big disaster because gods angry she loved Te Gods Of Ice. he asked Mager to make away Aurore from Snowland. Mager was convenced, he agrees to throw away lady Aurore. She Throwed in the outside snowland. After Aurore go, Luciqor destroyed Snowland, and beginning to conquer the world.

After a month Lady aurore walking accros the forest, she feel very tired, she was so thristy, she wanted to drink but wherever she walked the water always dry. she try to make a magic water from leaves, all leaves were dry and she was very weak. everyday she asked to god to help her but god never replies. she feel vomit day by day. and she feel her belly become bigger. it was 4 month gone, she felt strange,she felt something moved in her belly. she crying over, " what happen to me? why nobodys help me? did i do wrong? forgive me god........."

Apolloticia the Goddes of water came in and said to Lady Aurore, " You do the big sin by loving my son Garra, the god of ice, now you got pregnant, it's your fault, you will never get whatever you need, nobodys can help you!"

"but God, if i am wrong, is my babies also got suffer with me, it's not fair, you can punish me, but don't punish my baby please i beg you." asked Lady Aurore

"i can only help when you sacrifice yourself to something good."

"thank you my god, thank you so much...................."

After the filosper stone loss, the climate of the world are changed, the weather very hot so no plant grow good. every kingdom got famine. and take many victim. lady aurore reached a kingdom named damacia,it's tha barrenland ever, she felt very weak but she try to find water to her babieslife but she couldnot walk more. "i'm sorry darl, mommy can't safe you, i'm sorry........................" Aurore crying and fainted.

Hans and his wife Qitara want to go farm and the saw a lady look pale and unconscous. they brought the lady home, and they look for traditional healer to cure the lady. the healer tell them that the lady got pregnant that why she fainted. after he give the medicine he told them to take care the lady.

Hans, " how poor she is, how come her husband leave her alone."

Vin Sety, only son of Hans wake up and surprized on his side a white woman lying, he hold her hand very cold like ice.

"Dad, who is she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Vin shouted

"don't shout, she is sick!"

"but she look like a corpse!i'm afraid"

Hans walk in, he saw the lady got frozen, he sudden called the healer. and the healer told that the lady was dead, but strange thing happened.

the babies in her womb were still alive. the healer told hans not to burried the lady but took her into a place, the healer will check it someday. as the healer demand, hans and qitarra took the lady into old hut. in the corner of their farm.

After 2 month gone, the farm around old hut become fertile, the rice seed grow up good. hans and qitarra come to saw the lady, but the lady still in frozen not rotten. they told the healer again. so healer come to check the lady, and very surprized her belly is become bigger and the babies were still alive. he decide her pregnace age about 7 months. suddenly, the jasmine ice grow up around the lady and th old hut become a garden flower of ice. that make damacia kingdom habitant got anxious. and the rumors come into the palace. The damacia king asked people to make a temple and bring the lady cadaver there. he told everybody that the lady cadaver is goddess of water. appolloticum.and praise to her everytime. the temple become glory day by day,,,,mild and beautiful scenery. they called it Crystalice Temple.

The stories of crystalice temple famous to all countries in the world. they curious to see the magical beautiful things. so damacia become the most famous kingdom in the world. know this, master Morisson was the follower of darkline witch luciqor, the lead warrior of the Trees kingdom slying the king to attack damacia to get popularity as them. King Trees disagreed with him. He told him that he is follower of Meger, the ever swanen ice leader, and the swanen also praise for appolloticum. Mr. morrison convinced King Trees that king damacia ever cheated the god of water, that why they got cursed to long long summer. after all the argument, King trees agreed to attack damacia kingdom.

King trees destroyer all of damacia kingdom with his troops, everybody killed. nobody saved. Mr. morrison try to burn the temple without King trees permission. but hans and Qittara saw him. he killed the couple. and throw their son Vinsety into cliff, but he hooked by big root of the tree. he trying to climb up the cliff by following tree's root. and he's succed. he saw his mom and dad are dead, when he try to find a sword to kill Mr. Morrison who still tryin to burn the temple. but he saw that seven knight wear white robe ride unicorn has already killed him. they were smile to him and disappear. Vins look into his mom and dad who have dead and crying hugging them close. he look around are damaged. now he run away, to find the king palace to find something to kill the enemies.

King trees come to see crystalice temple, he was very amazing, by seeing the most beautiful lady cadaver, he surprized that the lady is Lady Aurore. "what happen to Snowland" he whisper. when he touched Lady aurore face, sudenly her face is melt. so all the bodies. and he saw a glow glamourous ice crystal from amniotic fluid with the babies with glittering with skin like gold inside. he decide to bring the babies home.

King show the magical baby ice to all citizen and tell them that the baby was the baby of goddes of water appoloticum, they would alaways be blessed if they kept the babies ice. he kept the babies ice into beautiful gold table in the middle of palace. in the next morning, queen Arianna and her daughters Gloria and Sunnia want to take some roses to babies ice. but when sun shining accros the baby ice, the ice melt, the babies born and crying very strong over palace. Queen Arianna take the babies and swing passionately. her eyes opened slowly, it's green like spring leaves. her lips soft red like roses, her hair is brunette and silky, her skin is white and cold like ice.

"mom, the baby is beautiful like me" Gloria Said

"yes mom, she's very sweet, can we take care her please" Sunnia asked

"of course dear, she is your new sister......................" said queen Ariaanna and kissed the babies

they hurried to tell king trees about that thing. King trees very excited that Goddes daughter born in trees palace. he give name for the babies Princess Jenza.

After princess Jenza born, day by day kingdom trees become larger and stronger, and become famous as the kingdom of the god. the rumors come into luciqor ears, he knows that in the trees kingdom there were god daughter. so he wanted to destroy trees kingdom by using his magical tricks, polickbook that changed into deathorsbook. of course he won the war. and destroyed all over. king trees decided palace family to go outside and hiding in the cave crystalis temple in last damacia kingdom. so he can face the witch alone.

"Dear, if you will not see me anymore, kept promise to protect our daughter and princess jenza, please." said king trees to queen arianna gently

"i will do anything for our go take care" said queen arianna passionately

King trees got war with the witch till his last blood.

"where's goddess daughter???? or you will die in frozen like them !!!! hahhahahhahahah" said the witch while show the corpse

"she's already dead"

"you liar!!! you think i'm stupid ha?

"she's only a baby how can still alive in this huge war. you must have more know about her condition"

"you seems really wanna die. okay then take thissssssssssssssssssssssss............................................................." the witch hit the king with his magical chopper

but gods of sun burning the witch into dusk. and king was saved.

King back to damacia cave and tell his queen to disguised, because he knowed that his family still in danger instead of the have no warrior anymore. so they disguised as a farmer. but when princess jenza 1 years grow up unusual, her eyes become green gliter and sparkling like crystal. also her skin is glowing when shine accross her but very cold like ices. so the people call her Lady Ice. then king trees decide to change her named to green ice, as he take green as colour of her eyes look like green spring leaves of the trees. and Ice was herself. Although they were a majesty family, they never show it. but they are very humble and kind, so the people make them as a leader again. king trees actually was a strongman and powerfull, he did ever study about magic of shine with Nur, a magician from southland, study about magic of water with Mager, the ever swanen leader. but he was wiseman guy, he use his power to save the world, but when he took mr morrison as ministry, he started destroyed to conquer the world. Queen arianna is passionate lady ever, he loved child so much. moreover when she saw a little green eyes ice girl, she very loves green ice. so do gloria and sunny. Green ice grow much glorious day by day, her skin more glitter and glitter. her hair grow longer and silkier. but when her age was 5, something strange happened. when gloria and sunny bring her to bathing in the river. she sunk down. gloria and sunny hurried told to his parent about green ice, but suddenly the river become frozen. and she come up with shining silky white dress. king trees was so wonder, that green ice really an ice goddess. but realized that if the wicked wicth knowed, she would be in danger. they crying for green ices fate. not long after that, after green ice up the ice turn into river again. and they go home.

After 5 years gone, king trees had made over last kingdom damacia, and become the small palace. every people regarded the king trees and made him as a king and become the majesty family. his daughter reach teenage. king trees decide to make a big party for gloria who reached 20 years. he hoped that a prince would marrying her soon. but all the guest just attracted by the prettyness of green ice that only 10 years. it was made gloria jealous, and wanted to throw green ice away. In the next midnight, gloria told green ice that momma was sick and asked green ice to go out palace to find red night rose in the next mount to cure her. green ices was so worried about her momma and as soon as go finding red nightrose. she surprized that she must through a lava falls. storms come and throw her down, but a granny was catch her sudden.

"thank you, madam" green ices said

"oh nevermind lil girl, you're very sweet, what the matter you go in midnight alone, where's your parent?" said the granny

"my momma's sick, i must find red nightrose to cure her."

"how kindheart you are, you must be the lady ice."

"how you know i am, madam?"

"your skin very soft and cold like ice, of course i know you, now let me help you to find red nightrose?"

"really, i'm so glad, thank you madam."

the granny bring green ice into somewhere the darkest evil forest. and asked green ice to a big hole with glutinous bubble, and there were 5 red nightrose inside. green ice feel strange with the granny act, she didn't think rose could grow in the darkhole. but suddenly the grannt turn into wicked witch and force green ice to come inside... finally she fall down and could'n reach anything.


Submitted: February 04, 2013

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