The Kingdom of Ice part 2: " The little Reiflord "

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when vinsetty young he caught in a big war that made his parent dead, he become very angry and decide to defeat the enemy. fortunatelly he meet swanen people and take care of him. when he reached teenage, he fall in love with lady rossa's daughter princess Vidia, she is blind because when lady rossa's pregnant drinking a poisonic water from Luciqor. but Princess Vidia has power of earth instinct and absolutelly water control. although blind lady, she is kindgirl, pretty and look more strong than Vin and always take care of him in everyway, that why he loves Vidia very much.

Submitted: April 30, 2013

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Submitted: April 30, 2013



in the somewhere island, there's a beautiful lady named Leviosa. she has a boyfriend named prince morven who is a knight from outside far away land. he has a power of controled  fire, he is actualy a throne of a Mossia's Sun prayer kingdom but he doesn't like it. he used to be walker outwhere.

someday, Princess leviosa catch in big war. fortunately, she saved by a knight from Damacia. and marry with him soon. but actually she is already pregnant about 2 month.

prince Morven, lost contact with princess Liviosa about 7 month. he met Liviosa when he caught in big war with darkwitch in snowland. he was very surprized taht liviosa is still in old pregnant. he was very disappointed, so he try to steal Princess liviosa and put her in a straw house. he give around the solar and try to burn her alive. Lady liviosa didn't do anything just look at him.

" go to hell bitch!" said prince Morven while try to take fire
"why you do this to me, knight? you're so cruel!do you will burn me alive?" said lady liviosa sadly
"yes! i wanna make you feel suffer. don't you know i always searching for you, but you just betraying to me!!!"
"but i still pregnant, can't you wait till i birthing, won't you let my son live? he doesn't have a sin for you."
"i don't care! due to that i wanna you and your son die and suffer together, slutty bitch!!!"
"knight, i don't belive you become so nasty like this, you were good and wise man, what happen to you?"
"it's all because of you!! i don't even want to my palace because of you, but you just  play me, bully me, and betraying."
lady liviosa bowed. she try to hide her tears and keep gentle.
"i believe, not long time my husband will find me, so you can do nothing, he will bring a thousand warrior."
"when he find you, you have been dust!!!" said prince morven while put on a fire to a house.
" why you don't try to shout or run? oh ahahhaa you try to be brave ha?"
"hmmm, i don't afraid od death, if today is my last time, i can achieve, the one i'm worried is my baby n my womb, he dosn't even have time to see the world. i know you're goodman, you will not kill my baby right"
"who tell you that!!of corse i will kill you both." said prince morven while looking at his exGf innocent face, look so  white pale and pure.
"why you betraying me, my love. i absolutely can't hurt you. but you have hurt me a lot."prince morven whisper
suddenly. princess liviosa shouting loudly. "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........." and fall down
prince Morven throw the fire somwhere and come closer to Princess liviosa.
"dear, what happen?" said prince morven
princess liviosa flying a little smile to prince morven
"why you call me dear, don't you hate me?"
"i know, but absouletely, i can't even hurt you moreover to hate you, never my love." said prince morven while crying
" i'm glad to hear that honey."
not long time thE straw house is burned all over. prince morven try to make off. but princess liviosa don't want.
"this my last time to live, i'm happy to spent with you. i'm sorry if i hurt you but i do just for us. when you go away from me, i got a big war, fortunately i'm saved by a knight, and marrying him....."
"i know, don't worry i understand." prince crying
"honey, i marrying him to save our son."
"my son?"
"when i know that i'm pregnant, i was surprised, that i feel like burn everyday, i often dehidrated, i just asked to god, if i have a baby fire. i will burn in 7 days. but i make promised to god if could make this baby born, i will do anything. god's very kind, he give me time 9 month 10 days. and finally i met you,  was very glad. don't let anybody know he is your son. darkwitch still make a big trick to destroying your kingdom. please save him.

not long, prince liviosa burned up. and appear a red baby in prince morven son, she crying so loud. prince morven bring him somehere.

Knight of damacia find his wife has died in burn, he decided to kill kingdom of fire.

one day there a couple farmer in damacia, they love each other, but the haven't a son, everyday he pray to god to give them son, but still no replied. they believe that long summer make their life like this, they look so tiny, that why his wife can't pregnant.

Prince morven feel regret to make die his lover. he put the baby to a farmer.
"i'm sorry Riffel, dad must hide you from anyone, hope you saved here." said prince morven while put a baby in a farm

"dear, look here!"
"oh gosh, we got a baby, god hear
"woaaa,, the baby is very handsome"
"let us fnd a name for him."
"how bout Vincent?"
"no, ii'ts too familiar, i will give name Vinsetty
"waw, yeah a brave name." said the wife

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