The Night of Valentine Day

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Ara turned back and walk without direction, her tears falling as the rain. she really disappointed of Ken.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



In the wall, there a soft red calendar with a marked date, it's 14th February, the moment of giving the passion for the beloved one, every people celebrate with many lovely activities and special gift like chocholates and dolls, because today is valentine day. but i don't think it could happen to me. let me introduce myself for first time, my name's Tyara but more close to call me Ara, I am 19 years old and study in the university. but i don't have boyfriend right now. yes I am single, but i have close friend named Kenny Roger, i used calling him Ken. He is cool and nice personality. I actually attracted with him, but i don't hope to be his lover because i realize that he's good enough just to be sibling.


in this early morning, Ken leave a short message to me that he'll bring me out to dinner. I am telling him that i am lazy to go out, because i'll get jealous to every couple in everywhere i see. but he tell me that he want to say something important to me, he begging me to date with him this night. suddenly my heart beating irregular rapidly, i couldn't say anything. i started to think non sense, what the hell i think? i guess it many many times that he likes me. Oh Lord, i can't stop think of his short message. i can't get concern to my subject in my class, always looking for watch to know what's the time. moreover Prischilla, my classmate. she convince me that ken really like me, because he always take of me. she makes me feel sure. so i decide to go shopping with Prischilla, to buy everything to make me look prettier that usual. i'm very glad this day.

"Ara, how about curlying your hair? you will look much more beautiful with that style." Prischilla saying with looking at saloon

"uhmm,, really? i never been make over my hair before."

"you should go there, i'm sure Ken will attracted for you a lot. give me your shopping bag, you go to saloon and i'll wait you here." said Prischilla taking my shopping bag and sit in the waiting room.

i never go to saloon before. it waste time instead i don't have much money, but i don't know today i really want to look different in front of Ken.  I don't even know what he want to tell me the important thing though.


I can't wait for the very fantastical moment on this night, after finished shopping i go home and clean up for my house and take a bath earlier. My momma getting surprize, that i become more diligent than usual. i just flying a little smile on my face, and ask her for permission to go out with a friend this night. my momma never let me go after 8pm except study purposed. but after she see what i have done, she giving me the permission. " yayyyy....... i'm very happy, i can spend this whole valentine night with Ken," i whisper


On 7pm o'clock, I have make up all over my body. with the cuttie violet dress, a liilte smile, i stand by in front of my gate door waiting for Ken to pick me up. but he has not come until 7.30pm. i send him short message, he tell me that he is in catch traffic jam on the way. after 8pm he has not come yet. i trying to call him but his phone switch off. i try to get positive thinking that his phone is low battery. but it's been an hour and a half, he has not come over. the distance between me and his home is not so far. i feel so worried that something happen to him. then i try to call his home. the  housekeeper tell me that Ken has already gone two hours ago with hurry. but strangely she ask me to leave her message, and she will tell Ken when him get home. when I tell her that ken has promise to go date with me, she tell that ken doesn't tell her and his mom that he want to go date with me this night. I feel so down suddenly. Imposible to enter home at this time, i'm ashamed with my mom. so i decide myself to go outside lonely.


I feel so worried with Ken, I'm afraid he go any accident in the road. i want to find him, i really want to know where he is. due to i'm very scared of losing him, i call all of his friend and asking about Ken but nobody knows. I was very upset, "Oh God, You're the Great of everything. I don't want anything, really I only hope he's fine, please Save him everywhere." i pray with a single tears. i continue walking across the park of Midtown.


After long meters feel so tired to walk more, i decide to take rest. "hummm.. feel so thirsty" Ara said while exhaling

"take this" a guy sit next to me while give soft drink

"uhmm, thank you.....who are you? did i ever see you before, you seem familiar." Ara said while drinking half

the guy flying me a laughing, he stare me deeply with his sharped black eyes. that scary me a moment, that make me bowed.

"I am Bryan, your Senior class. i watch you everyday, why you didn't notice me?"

"uhmmm...haha i never pay attention for senior class. okey thank you for coccacola, i'll treat you next time." Ara said while wavinghand


Continue walking across the park, i see many couples make a romantic moment. hmmmm...... very nice, but i don't want like them. my mind still mess up, i hope i can meet Ken soon. i always thinking of him as long as i go this night. i hear somebody saying,"don't worry Gypsy, i will never leave you." the voice is very similar with Ken. Oh My Lord, why i got an ilussion. how come he is Ken. I getting suspicious, i want to see how come his voice similar to Ken.


Damn!!!!!!!! he is really Ken. He hugging a girl passionately. i don't know why i wanted to shout at him but i just crying. i can see them clearly with few meters. i don't know what to do. he almost catch me, but i'm hurry to hide on the trees.

"Ken, i'm sorry that i ever hurt you" the girl says

" i never get hurt of you Gypsy, if you need me just call me i'll be there for you, okey?" Ken says while hugging the girl closer

I can't stay there more longer, i can't hold out my feeling to see the most loving romance but hurt for me. i don't know why but maybe cause i already love him too. i prefer go run anywhere. not so long after that rainy has falling. i see by myself he give his jacket to warm the girl and give a soft kiss at her forehead. t

"They are so romantic, very very romantic drama." Ara turned back and walk without direction, her tears falling as the rain. she really disappointed of Ken.

i don't ever think that Ken very cruel to do this to me. I thought he is good manner, but he's only player. i really don't know even if he's my bestfriend, should i give him apologize? if he loves a girl why he begging me to go out. I just know that Ken only tease me. but i am too reckless, i can't distinguish which's game and which's seriuos thing. with regretfull thing i just slowly, don't know where to go. Rainy still hard but  i don't want to go home. what i will tell my mom about this, i'm so confused, i can't stop my tears falling.


I'm getting cold and trembled, but i don't care about myself anymore. wind blowing hard with thunder and raining a lot, park become empty the people find place to take cover. i feel that the world knows, that i get brokenheart. so he show every people, that my heart still miserable like thunders and rains. suddenly i am surprized that somebody give me raincoat from my back. i turned back to look him. it's Bryan. spontanly, I take off his raincoat. and try to go

"thank you, but i dont need it."

he catch my hand and shout, " don't be stupid! just because lover breaking. you suffering yourself!!!!!you look like a rat"

"how dare you telling me like that! who do you think you are ha??"

"i don't know what you think about me, but i just telling you......................."

"no!!!! i don't need your advice, go away from me, let me alone........."

he doesnt let me go, he still holding my hand, although i am struggling to free, he is so strong, finally he hug me tight. i can't try anymore, i was so weak.






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