Old good friends

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Three old friends from high school meet again after years and talk about their past.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



Melanie got off the bus and starting walking as fast as she could. She was excited! She had to go to the cafe to meet the two people in the whole world who understood her, Anne and Jake. Six years ago they were together every day because of school but now, things had changed. They studied different professions and they were working in different countries.

Anne was always interested in chemistry and biology so it was not surprising that she became a doctor. She was still studying in Sweden but she decided that she wanted to be a psychiatrist. That was not weird either! She was always different at school. She had black nails, she was wearing only black and she had her hair coloured red. She always had with her an iPod but she was listening to metal only.

Jake since kindergarten wanted to be an architect. Every time he was looking at a boring building - box with grey walls he was imagining how he could change it and make it a modern and contemporary building. Even at high school he was the same freak who was forever complaining about how inconvenient the classes were. In the end he studied in Italy and stayed there because of his love for a Milanese woman.

And then, there was Melanie. When she was in high school she chose to study history, economics and politics. But then when it was time for her to find real career she didn’t know what she could do with those subjects because they had nothing in common. Her parents persuaded her to be an economist because they were saying that this career “had a future”. So she studied economics in Paris and she decided to live there.

The three friends met again after a year. They had so many things to say. First started Anne:

“You both are done with studying and giving exams but I have around five more years and that if I pass all of my exams from the first time which is something impossible!”

“You chose to be a doctor. You had to study music. You were always good at playing the violin and the piano.”  said Jake

“She could but she would be hungry. There are hundreds of musicians out there who don’t have jobs and their only possession is their talent and their passion.” said Melanie.

“OK miss Economist.” said Jake ironically

“That’s the old good Jake. I thought that your Italian girl stole your humour!” said Melanie.

“Don’t worry this will never happen.” said Jake and then he sighed “You are not here and the entire world is dark

That phase was about Melanie’s first love. He was not going to school every day, mostly because he was bored and every time he wasn’t there Melanie was saying that phrase.

“Ha ha very funny!” said Melanie “Love doesn’t count ages!”

That was Jake’s phrase when he was in love with his math’s teacher who was probably twenty years older than him.

“Good days! I’m wondering where Miss Johns is!” said Jake

“Why do you still love her?” said Anne and then she covered her mouth with her hand “Or are you saying that you’re dating your Milanese only because Miss Johns never looked at you?”

“Shut up.” Said Jake calmly and then he added “Mike the porn, the devil behind the shrub

Mike was Anne’s first love who was a Satanist. Not from those who are just wearing a necklace with the three sixes, but from the real ones who do horrible stuff. And he was not only a Satanist, he was smoking and more likely, he was taking drugs too. But Mike was really handsome and most girls at school liked him. He was always behind that shrub and the three friends were saying that he was doing his “dirty business” there.

“Hey guys! Remeber that time in history class when Fiona said that Zeus was the “father of history”?”  said Anne

“Yes! I was laughing about it for days!” said Jake

“Yeah. Fortunately she’s pretty.” said Melanie. She took a sip of her coffee and said “Remember when I was giving that exam on Greek and you helped me learn how to conjugate the verbs?”

“I will never forget that! I remember when we were conjugating for hours different verbs and you couldn’t learn them and then we conjugated “the whore” and you learnt it!” said Anne

“Yeah I remember that! It was like ? ?????, ??? ??????….” said Jake

“Hey why don’t we order some beers? We’ve never drank beers together!” said Anne

“Nice idea. I’m going for Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier”

“I like that! Let’s start then!”

They past the whole night drinking different kinds of beers and laughing about the past. Then they went back to their daily lives but they didn’t lost contact. They stayed friends.






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