Guy's Birthday Curry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Happy Birthday Guy! Sorry for the many, many toilet trips.

It was the 9th of June 2010. The date, to most, would not mean a thing, but to Axel it only spelled trouble. The reason? The 9th of June was Guy Sherridan's birthday.

Birthdays for Axel and her group of friends were always eventful, but not always in a good way. The last birthday was Amy's and it didn't end very well at all. In fact, everyone felt rather ill, as it consisted of late night drinks in the middle of a thunderstorm, copious amounts of cheese snacks and chinese food. Not a good mix once sloshing in the stomach overnight. Nick Sloane found that out the hard way after finishing off everyone's leftovers.

As for Guy's birthday, Axel had nearly forgotten, but at the last minute had remembered and managed to gather some bits and pieces together for a nice celebration of curry and cake. (Not curry cake.)

As her arms wouldn't allow her to bake, she bought one from the supermarket 3 miles up the road. Not something she enjoyed doing by any means. In fact, she hated it. It felt like cheating to her. But, nevertheless, desperate times called for stupidly desperate measure. Guy would have his cake. And eat it. And bloody well better like it!

The cake was sorted and decorated with fancy candles. Nick took one look at it and decided it was too plain, so set about grabbing the pink squirty icing and drew obscene shapes on it, laughing childishly as he did so. Axel just rolled her eyes. As long as the cake didn't go to waste, she could handle a few drawings of male parts. "PFFT! Ok, that's enough. Now go get Guy in." Axel motioned to Nick.

"PFFFFFFT yourself."

"Do it now!"

"Do what?"


Nick grinned and squished the tube of icing in his hands, the contents arking in a trail of pink.

"I hope you're going to clean that up."

"What now? Pssssh."

"Nick, if you don't stop being irritating, I'll make you lick it up."

Nick's eyebrows darted up and down in a suggestive manner, before he dashed out of the kitchen and into the living room. Guy was busy playing a game with Amy on Axel's XBox 360 and hadn't noticed Nick's arrival over the din of the TV. "Come on, come on! SHOOT THAT ZOMBIE AMY! Arrrgh!" Suddenly, Guy was distracted by an odd squelching feeling in his ear and threw the controller in the air with a high-pitched shriek. Nick was doubled over with laughter, the tube of icing clenched in his hand now empty. "NICK!" Guy shot him a nasty look while swatting at his ear as if it had just been infested by a swarm if bees. "Haha, I'm going to have to get more of this stuff, it's awesome," laughed Nick as he eyed the tube, slightly disappointed by its now empty state.

"Éttu skít og þegiðu!"

"Shut it, Ice Boy!"

Axel wandered in, a frown on her face over the commotion and the lack of Guy, as requested, in the kitchen. "What the heck is going on?"

"Nick squirted that in my ear! I bet I'm going to have an infection now!" Guy flailed about as icing oozed out his ear. It looked very unpleasant.

"Niiick." Axel shot him the evil eye. "Why the frag did you do that?"

"I dunno, seemed like a good idea."

"Hann er að gera mig brjálaðan!"

"Now, now Guy. Calm down. You can always beat the crap out of him later on when he's too drunk to fight back." Axel winked and turned on her heels and headed back into the kitchen, urging everyone to follow.

Guy eyed Nick with a grin. "Oh no, don't you dare," exclaimed Nick pointing at him, "You do and I'll squirt this somewhere else next time."

"Ew, Nick! You're sick," laughed Amy finally tearing herself away from zombie killing. "It's funny..."

Guy just eyed them both with equal suspicion.


In the kitchen, Lee, who was trying to finish washing the dishes for dinner that night, had turned off the lights as was tradition and the candles flickered brightly.

"WWWOOOoooooOOOoooooo," laughed Nick trying to freak everyone out in the darkness. He wiggled his fingers and lightly brushed against Amy's shoulders, sending her leaping in the air with fright. It was a well known fact that Axel's house was haunted and, while Nick didn't believe in ghosts, Amy certainly did. "Eeeeee! Something touched me!"

"It was Nick," groaned Axel hoping that her shaking fist was visible in the candle light.

Guy was too busy staring into the flames. He loved birthdays. Blowing out the candles was his favourite part. Even though he was in his 30's, he still made wishes. He crossed his fingers, scrunched up his face (Making nick titter to himself.) and blew out the candles. "I bet he's wishing for Angelo to get laid... Finally, " muttered Nick.

"SHH! You're mean!" Amy elbowed him in the ribs and continued watching as Guy cut the cake.

"Such violence! Axel, did you see that? She struck me!"

"Aye. Serves you right. I'd have twotted you even harder if it was me" Axel walked to the light switch and turned the lights back on again.

"Hmph, 'twotted'. You and your silly lingo, Axel."

"Hmph, you and your silly most of you, Nick!"

"What DID you wish for," asked Lee grabbing the plates.

"NUUUUUUU! Don't tell him", screamed Amy at the top of her lungs, "It won't come true if you do!"

Guy's face dropped. "What? I wondered why I didn't get that chicken neck tie last year."

"Why, who did you tell?" Amy was deadly serious about the subject. She was highly superstitious.

Nick just grinned and kept quiet. Like he was going to own up and be blamed for dashing Guy's wish to pieces by convincing him to tell.

"Let's just say," frowned Guy, they did it on purpose.

Lee came over with the plates and placed each cake slice onto them. "We going to eat tea first, though, right?"

"Are we?" Guy turned to face Axel, an eyebrow raised.

"Uh, don't ask me. It's up to you. I don't have it ready yet

"Yes. Let's wait then."

"AWWW!" Amy was disappointed. It seemed as if she had been looking forward to it.

"Don't worry," laughed Axel, "I'll start tea now so that we can eat it soon."

Amy just stood there pouting before walking back into the living room to resume her game.

"What ARE we having," asked Nick, his greedy stomach already growling from the mentioning of food.

"It's a surprise. Now all of you, shoo into the living room before I beat you to death with my wooden spoon!"

"Yup, Axel's certainly one of them angry cooks," laughed Nick, running as fast as he could, Guy following close behind. He knew better than to stick around when she was cooking.

"Need a hand, love," asked Lee drying up Axel's wok.

"Aye, could you defrost and cut the chicken? I still can't." Her wound from her operation was still not fully healed, so certain tasks were impossible for her to do.

"Okie dokie."


A while passed as Axel furiously cooked in the kitchen and soon strong, spicy smells filled the air.

Nick's nose sniffed at the odour and his eyes rolled. "Oh no..."

"CURRY!" Guy leaped up in the air from his seat and ran into the kitchen, his eyes catching sight of the curry bubbling away in the wok on the cooker. "OHHH MY GOOOD! Is it nearly done!?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Almost." Guy reached over to grab the wok and take a look, but was instantly swatted away by Axel.

"Oh no you don't."

"Aww, damn."

"Have some patience, the rice is almost cooked. Give it about two minutes."

"Yay! Good, 'cause I'm starving."

Lee was trying to wash the raw chicken from his hands and laughed at Guy's impatient expression that was plastered on his face. "That hungry, huh?"

"Yes! VERY! But, ohhhm, curry!"

"Jeeze," sighed Nick walking into the room, "You sound like the minute it's finished cooking you'd hump the wok! Or... Axel."

Guy shot him a nasty look and then continued to eye the curry. He found it beautiful. Bubbling, brown liquid with a golden tinge. The mix of vegetables giving it a colourful look that was pleasing to the eye.


"Ok, rice is done," exclaimed Axel dishing it out equally on the plates.

"YAY!" Guy raced to the cooker and grabbed the wok, readying himself to pour some on top of the rice on his plate.

"HEY," shouted Nick, "Who says YOU get the first serving!?"

"It's MY birthday!"

"Hmph!" Nick snorted and folded his arms. "FINE!"

The curry slid out of the wok and landed in a beautiful heap on top of the white, fluffy rice. Guy's mouth watered. "I wish I could make it like this. Thanks! Axel, your curries are the best!" He raced back into the living room, nearly bumping into Amy on the way.

"Yeesh, I should have known it was curry," she grinned walking up to the counter top and grabbing her plate, "Nothing else could get Guy so worked up."

Suddenly, a loud scream was heard from the living room that caused everyone to stop in their tracks.

"AAAAAAAAAAGH!" Guy ran into the kitchen, tears streaming from his eyes and his nose dribbling like a leaking tap. "Axeeelll!"


"What did you put in this?"

"You mean extras, or the normal curry?"


"Ch-chillis, chilli powder and cayenne pepper, why?"


"F-four table spoons full."


Nick, Amy and Lee sniggered to themselves. Guy hated hot curries. He loved curry and loved to eat it fast, but with a hot curry? Well, it was his idea of torture.



"Your curries suck."

Submitted: October 24, 2012

© Copyright 2020 Melty Cat. All rights reserved.

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