The True Nature Of Things

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


This fic actually came from a roleplay between me and a friend of mine. ( :iconmakeyourownmusic: ) We have a Wacky Races/Dastardly & Muttley RP going on and Dick Dastardly has a daughter called Axel. She happens to end up falling for Albert Wesker from Resident Evil. Yeah, scary stuff eh?

This is a scene where William Birkin agrees to go on a date with one of Axel's friends. (My friend's character, Blanky.)



William Birkin had agreed to go on a date with a friend of Axel's, Wesker's current flame. Her name was Blanky and he had been somewhat nervous of the arrangement. He had been nervous of pretty much everything ever since the G-Virus incident, but the idea of a date after the death of his wife seemed very strange to him. His gut turned and twisted as he sat opposite her in the small cafe they had met in. It was only when the waitress brought over his order of fried eggs that he seemed to feel more relaxed. Something about fried eggs made him happier and more content. He began to chow down, oblivious to the fact that Blanky had her gaze fixed firmly on him.

She had only ordered something small. Pancakes. She didn't want to over-eat and feel bad for the rest of the date. She was the one who had asked him, after all. The idea of ruining it by over-indulging was a silly one indeed. The two ate their food eagerly, Birkin somewhat thankful for the distraction.

"Feeling better?" Blanky smiled at him, wiping her mouth with a napkin after finishing her cup of coffee. She wore a dreamy look. She couldn't help it, she found him strangely attractive.

Birkin nodded. "Fried eggs are just amazing."

"They sure are!" Blanky laughed, laced her fingers together and rested her chin on them. "So tell me about yourself, Birkin."

William was in the middle of an egg-related ramble. Something about them set him off. "Glad they aren't Wesker's surprise eggs. He likes to spike them at random with weird stuff." He realized that she had asked him a question, blinked and raised his head to meet her gaze. "Name's William, uhhhh. I'm a scientist. I make viruses and used to work for Umbrella. I'm not sure if I still do, or if I'm more of Wesker's employee now."

Blanky nodded slowly. "A scientist, eh? I have great admiration for scientists."

"My greatest accomplishment was the G-Virus. But, I don't think it suited my body terribly well."

Blanky picked at her remaining pancakes on her plate, only a few crumbs but enough to poke absent-mindedly as she immersed herself in his story. "You poor poor man but your body went back to normal, right?"

William grimaced at the memory and looked away out of the window. "I have Wesker to thank for that." He felt that churning return to his stomach again. The memories of that time period were something he really didn't enjoy recalling. "He managed to save what was left of me. He worked tirelessly to bring me back to who I was before I infected myself with the G-Virus."

"Why did you do that in the first place?" Blanky leaned forwards, hanging on his every word.

"I had to." He looked up at her again, just for a split second. "I was going to die. My samples and research were going to be taken from me, I was shot and it was the only way I could save myself. The virus restored tissues that were lost. It did it's job, but it turned me into..." He paused, his mouth hanging open for a second as he pondered whether or not he should really tell her.


"A monster." He let out an exasperated sigh. "It twisted and deformed my body into something that didn't even resemble a human."

"You don't look any worse off for it. You look fine now." Blanky smiled in an attempt to reassure him.

"Well." He looked away again. "As I say, Wesker was the one who saved me. But now I am technically working for him in return."


"He doesn't do anything for free. He's not that kind of guy." He flashed her a small smile and poked at his empty coffee cup.

"Why, hes an even bigger villain than Dick Dastardly!"

"Oh, DD is a pussycat compared to him." William laughed and ran a hand through his hair before flagging down a waitress to order more coffee. "I'm surprised that he has gone so far with Axel in all honesty."

Blanky nodded. "Me too. I dont know how she got attracted to him.."

"He's quite the charmer, you know. It's when you get to know him you notice how much of a devious person he is."

"Well, if you say so." Blanky shrugged. Wesker was certainly not her type. Especially not after learning what kind of a person he was from Axel.

"I was more surprised that he even entertained the idea of a partner. He is too concerned with his own affairs and research."

"Yeah, I understand what you mean." Blanky sighed. "From what I have heard anyway."

The waitress returned with a jug full of fresh coffee and filled up their cups again. William took hold of his cup with both hands, swirled the liquid around and dived in nose first. After he'd downed some of it, he placed it back on the table again and looked back at his companion. "Normally he'd never entertain the notion."

Blanky leaped inwardly a little over the look he was giving her. She flushed pink and averted her gaze to a menu on the table opposite. "L-Like they say, theres a first time for everything!"

Birkin was oblivious to her flustering and continued his musings, lifting his coffee cup to his lips once more. "Hmm. I must say I was concerned he had an ulterior motive."

"Y-You mean, that he was just trying to get to the family fortune?"

"Family fortune?" He raised a brow over his cup at Blanky. "First I've heard of it. No, I was more focused on whether or not she was merely an experiment of his to be tossed aside after her use was up."

"Oh, well, I wouldnt know." She twiddled her thumbs a little. "Ah. Yeah. I get you."

He placed the cup down again and leaned back in his seat, adjusted his lab coat and tilted his head. "It's usually the way with any..." He cleared his throat awkwardly, cursing himself inwardly for refering to Axel in such a way. "Project of his."

"Goodness! Still, you cant always tell. Love can... mess with the mind." Blanky's eyes darted around as she spoke, a little too aware of what she had just said. She hoped he didn't catch on too easily.

Birkin had drifted off somewhat as soon as the word love was mentioned. His thoughts had turned straight to his wife whom he had lost a few years previous and to his daughter Sherry who he had not seen since either. He missed them both very much. It was only when someone else in the cafe dropped their fork that he snapped out of his inner turmoil."Hm? Oh, well. I'm not sure he's capable of that. He's a very hardened man."

"Yes, he doesnt seem the kind of person to think about love does he?"

William shook his head. "But, who knows. The man's a mystery. Much like the fact that he hasn't done anything about her father. Normally he'd dispatch anyone in his way."

"Yes, that is strange. Although he might be keeping him for his own benefits. Like today, I stopped him from injecting him with that serum, snatched it out of his hands before he could do anything to him."

"Hm. I take it that was a sample of this D-Virus he has created?" He scratched his head curious over what Wesker was up to.

"Yes, from what I gathered."

"Mmm, I have studied the structure and reports on that. You might be interested to know tha..." Blanky suddenly interupted him, placed her hands down on the table and leaned forwards. "Hey im gonna order hot chocolate. Want one? Its on me, the whole meal is!"

William chuckled and nodded. "Sounds good to me. Thank you very much."

Blanky flagged down a waitress and oredered two rounds of hot chocolate. Just the ticket for such a cold, wintery afternoon. It was then she realized she had interupted him mid-sentence and flushed red with embarrassment. "Sorry, you were saying I might be interested to know what?

William couldn't help but grin over just how red she had turned. "Hm? Oh... Well, when I was going over the paperwork that Wesker had sent over to me regarding the creation of the D-Virus, I was interested to note, and I think you will find this of some interest also, that he created it from the DNA gathered from a sample of DD's mustache hair. It also seems that he has only managed to create enough for an initial test run."

Blanky let out a loud and hearty laugh. "DDs mustache hair, eh? The cheeky bastard! Well, hopefully he cant get anymore for any further experiments. Perhaps DD should get protection against him."

"I was thinking that could be the reason why he keeps him around. And since Axel is his daughter, maybe her too?"

Blanky nodded and greeted the waitress who had arrived with the two mugs of hot chocolate. She took them and gave one to William. The pair grasped the mugs with two hands and blew on them to cool them off.

"Mmm, it wouldnt surprise me." Blanky took a small sip. "Ouch, ouch! Hot hot!" She blew on her mug again. "We'd better keep an eye on both DD and Axel in that case, eh?"

William chuckled over her reaction to the hot liquid and nodded to her statement. "We may never know for sure. Now..." He gave her a keen smile. "Tell me about you."

Submitted: November 27, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Melty Cat. All rights reserved.

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