Writing Prompt - Dagur and Rae - Chewing

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Writing prompt exercise - Request: Chewing

Dagur and Rae discuss chewing.

Submitted: December 08, 2015

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Submitted: December 08, 2015



Rae: *Is eating some yak ribs and accidentally gets the meat juices all down her fingers, so begins to lick them clean*

Dagur: *Shudders and gives her an evil look* "What are you DOING!?"

Rae: "My fingers are all messy, I'm cleaning them."

Dagur: "That noise is horrendous!"

Rae: "I thought you only hated smacking!"

Dagur: "Those are the same type of noises! They still involve nasty eating sounds. Ugh!"

Rae: "I'll be clean in a second, stop complaining."

Dagur: "Use a cloth or something! Holy Thor, it really is as bad as smacking!"

Rae: "If you don't shut up, I'll take the armada to Berk and demand Snotlout joins us for the meal!"

Dagur: "No, NO! Anything but HIM! He chews like a pig at a trough!"

Rae: "Exactly, so count your blessings, wussboy!"

Dagur: *Slams fist on the table* "Don't call me that!"

Rae: *Mimics Snotlout's voice and takes a huge bite of her meat* "OH THESE RIBS ARE SO GOOD!" *Chews noisily*

Dagur: "No! Stop it!"

Rae: *Still imitating Snotlout* "What? Am I not chewing loud enough for you?" *Takes another huge bite, her cheeks bulging outwards like a hamster* "MMMNOMNOMNM!"
Dagur: *Shrieks and begins hammering on the table to drown out the sound*

Rae: *Chews louder*

Dagur: *Starts singing loudly like a drunk sailor, but realises it doesn't block the horrific noise out, so he starts flailing around for something else to assist him*

Rae: "OMNOMNOM!" *Disgusting sloshy sounds*

Dagur: *Ends up stuffing carrots in his ears and sighs with relief as he can no longer hear*

Rae: *Chuckles at the sight* "Wussboy."

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